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Topic: Need Good DVD Player
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I have a PS3 in my home theater room, but am looking for a GOOD dvd player for my living room. The screen size in my living room will be 52-62" (haven't bought it yet).

I am looking for a good DVD player. I do not need blue ray, just a regular DVD player. Most importantly, I want it to have

1) Upscaling to 1080p, and
2) Play DivX and Xvid files.

Can anyone recommend a DVD player known for its great upscaling?

Additionally, is there a DVD player that also upscales DivX and Xvid files?

How will the output of the DivX and XVid files be on a 52"-62" tv? How bad is the pixel structure?

Does anyone recommend an external HD like MVix that plays computer formats and that can be connected to the display? Or is the quality better on a good dvd player?

Sorry for all the questions. I just want the best quality to view my SD dvd's and Xvid and Divx files.
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Oppo players are well regarded for their performance and features, why not start there.

Their 980 model for $169 seems to be Divx/Xvid compatible along with all the DVD performance.

Your Divx quality will depend entirely on the Divx quality itself. If you start with a lousy original video file, it will look lousy.

Much can be said as the same for DVDs. On a 60" screen, the difference between Blu-ray and DVD is definitely noticable, so if you had lousy video, then it will be evident and no DVD player in the world can correct for poor source material.
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