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Topic: Projecting through Glass
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Does anyone have any experience trying to project through glass? We have a bay window in our backyard and I want to build a theater back there. I thought if I could keep all of the projection stuff in the house it would allow me not to have to move things in and out which would eventually keep me from using it. I am also open to any other suggestions anyone might have to solve the problem a different way. What solutions exist to put a projector outside?
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I've seen glass hushboxes that people put their projectors in for noise reduction so it definitely can work if the glass is good quality
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This isn't just a way to do it, it is by far one of the best ways to deliver outdoor projection.

You remove the elements of the outdoors from the mix completely.

The down side, is you have to have a window in the right location and you need to keep that window clean. Using 'optical' grade glass is a plus, but really isn't a requirement unless you have a very high demand for the video quality outdoors. You will get 95%+ of the quality without any worries - just keep the glass clean.

Throw in some good outdoor speakers, and a cheap roll up screen (manual) or a white painted wall, and you are good to go!

Hey - and a RF remote control so you can control the gear that's inside, from outside.
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