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Topic: which projector should i go with
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need hepl in buying projector. saw the marantz on a 120 screen and liked it very well but the man doing my install recomends a jvc because of the price differene and it said it was as good i cannot find a jvc to see i have seen the marantz and it looked good to me it is 9000. and the jvc is 6200. both are in my buget which is the best for a 120 screen with a light controled room i have a runco 535 now as it was my first projector very dim and hard to get bulbs for will not go back to runco thank you
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The Marantz, to my understanding, is a rebadged model, not their own design. I would go with the JVC-RS2 which is receiving top shelf honors all around, but I can tell you that the 1080UB from Espon is also receiving similar top shelf honors for quality.

I would have to say that it sounds like you are getting hit kind of hard overall on pricing... Not sure where you are, but you may want to do a bit of shopping around.
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