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Topic: reset lamptimer without changing lamp?
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viewsonic pj501. what will happen if I reset my lamp timer with out replacing the lamp? the book warns not to do this but does not say why. My lamp seams vary bright but the projector gave me a 16 hour shut off warning . will the bulb burn out forever after 16 hours?
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There are only two reasons manufacturers present the precautionary statment. First one being that the lamp could explode. However a lamp can explode any time during it's life cycle, and even if it does to my knowledge it has never caused any damage to a projector. We get exploding lamp reports here on a regular basis yet no one reported projector damage.

The other reason is simply "There is no reason". They simply say that in the manual so you'll feel compelled to buy another lamp. Generally speaking there is no reason not to reset the lamp hours. So nothing bad will happen. Projectors have no way of knowing how old a lamp is. You will simply get more time out of the lamp, and that is about it.

As long as the unit is working right. You might need to take the lamp out and then put it back in if you have any troubles. Some projectors have a sensor that can tell if the lamp was removed or not.

I once used the Viewsonic PJ853. It was a very good unit. One of the few LCD's I used I really liked.
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