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Topic: Disposing of Rear Projection TV
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I recently replaced my 6 year old Hitachi 61 inch RPTV with a new flat screen. The Hitachi still works but I really don't have a use for it. Does anyone know of any organizations that will accept a rear projection tv as a donation or any other way to dispose of a big tv that someone may be able to make use of?
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I would sell it on Ebay, or

If you wan't to give it away, mail it to me!
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Reply to PostAlert Moderator is a great way to get rid of things at a cheap price, or free.

A bit off topic, but on subject, my brother had a bunch of bricks left over from the prior owners of his house. He was bummed about having to take them to the dump, so I told him to put them on craigslist. He didn't take any pictures, just posted the freebie, and the next day someone came by and hauled all of the bricks out from behind his house, loaded them into their truck, and thanked him for them!

He got out of the work, and someone else was genuinly appreciative of the item.
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