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Topic: Mitz 3000 or HD7100 Or????
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OK here is my problem
New GF loves the idea of projector and I have been draggin my feet and now have read to much for my own good.

Looking hard at a 720p , Granted the price of 1080 is coming down think another year or so and 1080 will be for me.

Now I found a Mitz 3000 new in box from a local place for 1000.00 then I see the HD7100 is down to 999.00
What I have read they are both great any feed back would be helpfull,

My room is
18 wide
45 long
8 ceiling

Thanks in advance
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I am a Mits. 3000 user and love the image I get. This projector was a huge WOW when it hit the market. Native 720p with an attractive price tag around $3 grand. Picking it up for $1000 now is a good buy.
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Both are great deals. The 7100 is short throw (so make sure you can mount it closer to the screen) and has lens shift for easier set up (althought not a huge amount). It's also darkchip3 while the Mits is dark chip2 meaning it will have better contrast. The Mits will be a a little quieter.