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Topic:   small room - UHD60 - 135 diagonal screen size

Experts Looking for help to find the right screen size and projector to my 14/14 feet room with seat location of 13.5 feet and projector location is going to be exactly 13 feet. I am looking at UHD60 projector and screen size as 135 inches (looking for bigger screen ). Tried online calculator but still I don't get it( Can you please help me if UHD60 projector works for 135 inch screen size or do you recommend any other projector for that screen size or vice versa (any other screen size for that UHD 60 projector for that room size). Key elements again: Projector distance: 13 feet max , Screen size: 135 inch diagonal ( and seat distance : 13 to 13.5 feet Thanks in advance!
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Topic:   Ceiling distance zoom question and projector calculator

I am currently remodeling a space to use for my first home theater. I am still in the beginning stages of the process (hanging drywall) and am planning this out. My question relates to the distance from the screen to mount the projector. Length of the room is not really an issue (I have 24' to work with) my problem is with a ceiling fan. There is one located at about the 19' foot mark. Using the calculator I get what is in the attached image. The calculator puts the distance of my planned setup at 16'10", which is way too close to the fan. However,in the calculator there is a light blue shaded area for zoom. If I move the projector closer to the front edge of the zoom area, I should clear the fan easily. Since the ceilings are just over 10' high, I may also explore the option of lowering the fan. My question is actually two-fold I guess. Am I reading the calculator correctly? And if so, are there any negatives to moving the projector forward and using the zoom functions?
Topic:   4k projector content?

Hi, I have a 1080p projector now. The BenQ HT1075. Is there enough content out there to warrant upgrading to a 4K projector? I don't watch a lot of Netflix and i understand my local cable provider doesn't provide 4K material. Like, I'm wondering if the picture will be that much better or not with non 4K material? Thanks!
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