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Topic:   Are sister projectors the same brightness?

Epson puts out two "sister" Home Cinema Projectors: HC3100 (no speakers) and HC3700 (with integrated speakers). They use the same ELPLP85 250W lamp. They even share the same user manual. For all intents and purposes, they are the same projector; but one has speakers and one doesn't. For my home theater (den), I have a surround sound system already and am looking to replace an older projector. One other difference is the lumen output even though they use the same lamp and, from what I can tell, use the same electronics (except for the audio board). The lumens for HC3100 is 2600 and for HC3700 is 3000. Why would the lumen output be different from nearly identical sister projectors with the same electronics and the same lamp? Is this just a marketing ploy? Does anyone know if the light engine or mainboard are really different between the two models? Thanks.
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Topic:   New Epson Home Cinema 3100 Flashing Lamp Warning

Just got this projector and have less the 20 hours on it and I'm getting a flashing orange light on the lamp. This has happened twice when I've turned it on and once it shut-off mid movie. I'm getting ready to return it but just wanted to check here in case I'm just doing something wrong or should check something. Thanks.
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Topic:   Brand New Epson 3100 Dead Pixel

I just purchased an Epson HC 3100 from Amazon and received it yesterday. The lamp has 2 hours of use thus far, all of which has been used in setup and testing, during which I found a dead/stuck pixel right in the middle of the screen. Aside from the dead pixel I'm very happy with this projector, but find dead pixels very noticeable and distracting. I've tried running it through a couple of 10-minute runs of the tool at but no luck in correcting this so far. Can anyone recommend any other ways I might be able to fix this? Otherwise, what would you recommend I do to get this sorted? I'm considering returning the projector to Amazon and asking to have it replaced, but I haven't been able to find their policies on dead pixels and whether or not a single dead pixel is sufficient for replacement. Any help/advice is appreciated, thanks!
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