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Topic:   Epson projector with a lense (large curved screen)

Hi, everyone. I got a questions regarding the projector and curved screen. I am planning to do the rear projection toward the curved glass. The company told me, I can do this by putting the screen sheet on the glass, and shoot the projector from the inside. Therefore, people outside can see the image we play. However, I asked them specifically that I do not want to install the projector far from the glass. Our glass size is around 17ft(204") in width, and 8.5ft(102") in height. It's around 240 inch size as a screen. In addition, its not a flat glass, but curved. As a result, the projector company told, Epson g7200w + ELPLX01 lense. So that we can install just 7ft(84") away from the glass and still can shoot upto 240 or little bigger size. I would like to ask people here that would this be my best option? Or would it be better to use 2~3 projectors at once? Hope anybody can help me out on this. Thank you
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