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Topic:   Lightware L1020 Plus motherboard or the unit itself (do you have one or know how to get one?)

Lightware L-1020
Projector Specs
[QUOTE=Natja-ss-1334|Sep 15, 2006 6:35:54 AM] Well one obvious reason you want to keep using this unit is as you have mentioned but also because it has proven to be effective and reliable I'm certain. But now days you can get a reliable projector that will perform far better than that one in terms of over all image quality for as little as $700 new. Just a suggestion. As far as your main questions, I haven't the slightest idea. It's an old unit and it probably is going to be a difficult task finding another mother board for it. I might suggest going to ebay and putting in a user request for what your looking for. maybe with luck someone might have the same unit laying around with a good motherboard.A projector like yours even working, if you can find it would probably go for $200 on ebay. [/QUOTE] I have one that works that I'm selling if you still own yours.
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