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Topic:   Look what I found at 2am on the Internet

So I was looking at cordless lawnmovers at 2 in the morning at the worlds largest retailers website, when I decided to take a look at there projector section.Regargless of what you think they have a good selection of projectors. So I am looking and there it was, Sony vpl365es and I was like even these guys sell the good stuff, so I was looking at it like a red rider 200 shot BB gun, and then all of the sudden I noticed the price, because this thing is anywhere from 7 to 10k right. So I noticed the price and peed myself. I could not get to my wallet fast enough, this could not be true, there must be a catch, this doesn't happen to me. So there it was the price, the price was $2499...... And they only had one left brand new in the box. $2499 with free shipping and no tax. $2499. This is true I have a screen shot of the recite but picture is to big to post.
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Topic:   Sony's new 4K Projector models

I see Sony's website lists some new models of 4K projectors. Anyone experience the Sony VPL-VW365ES 4K yet? What are the differences from the old 350? I was considering that but now I'm thinking I should wait until we have details on the old versus new models...
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