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Topic:   LG PF1000u: Picture Cropping Corners/Edges

Hi all, just wired up my new LG PF1000u to my computer and am experimenting with various tasks. One thing I am encountering and haven't figured out how to correct: my screen seems to expand beyond the frame, cropping the edges. I've looked through the manual and online, and so far no luck in figuring out the issue. Any ideas on what I'm missing? Thanks! Will
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Topic:   Is LG PF1000u a good TV replacement

I have an Epson 3010 installed in my living room for sharing home videos with friends and relatives and also use it for movie watching and sports viewing. There is ample light inthe living room and hence even with curtains there is some ambient light. I find this is not giving a good colurful and bright picture ( especially movies). My screen size is 100" diagonal on 16:9. and the projection distance is about 13 feet. What I alooking for is to replace this and my TV with an UST projector ( preferrably LED), so that I can simplify running cable as well. I find that the LG PF100u to be somewhat suitable, but I am unable to know how good is it in ambient light. I am unable to find reviews which touch this point. Will it be right to assume that in an UST projector you will need lot less lumens than a normal throw projector and hence the PF1000u of LG is good enpugh. I can compromise to reduce the screen size a little(say 80 inches) if rquired. Pl advise.
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