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Topic:   Optima HD28SE vs HD37

I recently purchased an HD37, but I'm a bit disappointed in it. The picture quality is certainly very good and a large step up from my 4.5 year old HD20 (colour wheel is going). However, rainbow effect is quite noticable particularly on items like subtitles. And though it is quiet on eco, there is an audible high pitched wine at all times. I am likely returning it and wanted to see if anyone had input on the HD28SE as a replacement. By specs the HD28SE is slightly better,but in reviews maybe not quite as good in picture quality. Reviews suggest rainbow effect should be less and it also should be quieter. HD28SE is more expensive but still in budget (I'd really like to have the Epson HC3100). BenQs don't seem to fit my space: 15' throw w/ max 128” diagonal. My "screen" is a wall, 118" x 76". Can anyone add anything to compare the two models? Thanks.
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