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Topic:   Need help Epson Projector HDMI turning on/off flickering

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I'm completely stumped as to what could be wrong with my system. I've owned and supported projectors for years (I'm in IT) and never had this problem. I recently upgraded my home theater projector to the Epson 1440. We used it with our older Onkyo receiver for a few weeks and then bought a new Onkyo SR646 so that the resolutions would match up and I would get the best picture on my home theater mac I have hooked up to the system. WIRING SETUP I have a 50ft cable running through the wall from a wall jack to the projector. Then I plug the wall jack into the receiver monitor out and all my devices plug into the receiver. PROBLEM Everything worked great for about 6 weeks and then it started flickering and within 10 minutes it went from flickering to blacking out the screen, on, off, on, off. This happens whether it's on our PS4, Comcast cable or the Mac. All use HDMI, we do not have any other video cables going to the projector. I replaced all the HDMI cables when I replaced the receiver so they were all the latest version. TROUBLESHOOTING I'VE DONE ALREADY When it first happened I thought it was the projector so to test I hooked up my PS4 to the wall jack. Works without a problem. No sound of course. Picture is fine though. I was worried the cable in the ceiling was bad but this rules it out for me. I returned the Onkyo and got another one. Hooked it up. Worked perfect, for about two weeks. Same issue. Flickering, then nothing. Can't even get into the HDMI options on the projector when it's freaking out like that. I assumed this was just me getting two lemon receivers so I again returned it and this time bought a Denon AVR-S920W. Worked great when I hooked it up a week ago and today it started the flickering thing! What am I missing? If I hook up the PS4 with HDMI, no receiver, it works great. What would cause it to work for weeks or even a week and then fail? I checked the heat in the cabinet and it's not that warm. Also, I power cycled all the devices by unplugging them, including the projector and then turned them all back on again, still flickering on and off. Could it be our monster power strip? Something plugged into our receiver? I have the last Onkyo still that I pulled a week ago and I plan to hook it up tonight to see if it was actually broken and if would again exhibit the flickering on/off problem. PLEASE HELP. I'm beyond frustrated.
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