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Topic:   What's wrong with my projector?

Firstly I would like to thank you for taking the time to even look at this thread.Any help I get is appreciated. Recently, I came to realize that the sides of the image that I was projecting had patches of yellow during use. In some cases there was a whole bar of yellow on the left side of the image.There is also "ghosting" on the left side of the image.The center portions are all fine.Im sure that it is not temporary lcd burn in or image retention.Could it be that my lamp is failing or is there a problem with the projector itself? To let you guys get a clearer picture of what I am talking about I will attach a couple of pictures of the problems.Sorry for the huge size of the pics.Any help is appreciated.Thanks Ghosting And Yellow bar Inverted image with yellow bar Yellow patches and ghosting
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Topic:   Help: Hitachi CPS-225 Blue Spot Problem When Unit Heats up

Do some research on LCD Polerizers It sounds like your is on the way out.
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Topic:   Is my projector screwed?

Hey guys ive been having a problem lately with my projector.I played my xbox using the projector for a couple of hours and now when I play movies from my computer when the image is black,i can see the faint image of the xbox game!its like a burn in.So is this problem fixable?thanks for the help.
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