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Topic:   Need help understanding the "numbers"..

View the Projection Calculator for the BenQ MX570 BenQ MX570 First Ship Date: 5/2/2015 $457 Get E-Z Quote Newbie here, trying to sift through options for a garage golf sim build and trying to understand a few aspects of the technical numbers. Taking the following projector BenQ MX570.. My screen size will be @ 108" high by 132" (9ftx11ft). So, I guess that makes my "diagonal" roughly 170" or just over 14 ft. This shape (as I understand it) would be closest to a 4:3 aspect ratio, which puts me needing XGA/SXGA. (hope I correct so far). I want to hang projector from ceiling at a distance of 8-9 feet back from screen. So my calculated throw ratio would be @ .72 to .82 So here is my question....this unit lists a throw ratio of 1.51 - 1.97, which is not enough of a "short throw" that I THINK I need. However, this unit shows a throw distance of 7.9 ft to 30.2 ft and a screen size of 60.2 inches to 300 inches. This is confusing the hell out of me. The throw ratio specs suggest this unit wouldn't fit my needs, but the throw distance/screen sizes DO suggest it would work. What am I not understanding here?! Will this unit fill a 170 inch diagonal 4:3 screen from 8-9 feet or not?! ANY help or explanations that can be offered by you experts here would be massively appreciated. I don't want to buy the wrong dang unit for my needs. Thanks in advance for your guidance and assistance. Jim BenQ MX570 Brightness: 3,200 lumens Lamp Life: 4,500 hours Resolution: 1024x768 (XGA) Contrast: 13,000:1 User Rating: Rate this Projector L?×?W?×?H: 8.7" × 11.1" × 3.7" Speakers: 10.0 W Mono Throw Distance: 7.9' – 30.2' Throw Ratio (std lens): 1.51 – 1.97 3D Projector: PC 3D Ready Aspect Ratio: 4:3 Audible Noise: 33 dB Warranty: 3 years Technology: DLP Weight: 4.2 lbs Volume: 358.60 in³ Screen Size: 60.2" – 300.0"
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