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Topic:   Four 1080p Projectors for 4k Image

With the price of the Epson HC 3000 down to around $1000, it seems like the best bang for buck in 4k projection becomes the use of 4 1080p projectors. Does anyone have any experience with using a multiple projector setup? Seems like using a couple of Matrox DualHead2Go modules plus stacker mounts (like these: would create a super bright 4k projector for less than $5000. Am I crazy? David
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Topic:   Screen sizing , projector placement and projector sizing question

I trying to set up my home cinema and i am trying to find out if i can use a projector or am i stuck with a flat screen. My throw dist. is at a fixed 19 feet four inches and projector would be placed four inches down from top of screen. I have only this place to install projector . my maximum wall width is 101 inches and 80 tall. I was looking at the powerlite 3000 but screen size would be well over 140" . I need help, thanks john.
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