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Topic:   Projector distance

Similar question. I just purchased a Sony HW40ES with 120" screen. Waiting for it to arrive. My seating is 13' from the screen. I can mount the Projector anywhere from 15' to 20' 15' would be closer to our heads and I assume noisier. Also it means more wiring along the ceiling from the back wall. So 20' would be preferred ascetically. What are the implications of mounting it at 15' or 18' or 20'? Does it get any brighter or clearer as it gets closer? Is it better to mount it at a shorter throw than a longer throw as long as its within its ability to fill the screen? Is there a 'sweet' spot for image with a projector or is anywhere within its throw the same image quality? Randy
Topic:   Sony VPL HW40ES/Image TOO Big/Need Lens?

Hey there! I just purchased a Sony HW40ES and due to the constraints of my room and not hanging it from the ceiling, it definitely needs to sit where my Marantz long-throw always sat which is about 25-30' back. I immediately realized that at the smallest setting for a throw, the image is far too big to land just right on my 110" screen. Without sending it back and without buying a bigger screen, is there any lens that will essentially make it a long-throw - and that will make it land just right on my 110" ? Thanks for any help! Otherwise I'm faced with having to get a larger screen which will have to cover the in-wall speakers...Any problem with covering the in-wall speakers with a typical projector screen? Thanks again
Topic:   Can't Get 3D to work

Please help. I cannot get my setup to play 3D movies. I am using a playstation 4 and a Sony VPL-HW40ES projector. Both are supposed to be compatible with 3d. When I put a disc in, I get the message "This disc has detected that your setup does not support 3D. Either your player or your display are not compatible." Do I need extra hardware of some kind in order for 3D to work or should it just work out of the box? Am I missing a setting somewhere? Any help you can provide is appreciated. Thank you.
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Topic:   lamp on VPL HW40 ES sony

Last night by accident i unplugged my projector while it was running....DID I DAMAGE SOMETHING, like the lamp or something else?...I havent restarted it yet!
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Topic:   Sony HW40ES Lamp failed after 3 months

Just got this in February. Barely 400 hours. Tonight, the picture just shut off off, no warning. The red lights on top started to blink, 3 at a time (which indicates bulb is used up or high heat) I let the unit cool off, but it won't display any picture, still just flashing the light 3 times. How does a bulb go bad after 400 hours? This has gotta be under warranty still.
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