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Topic:   Sony VPL-HW40ES vs Optoma HD25-LV in ambient

Newbie but well read. Looking for advice on basement projector selection. I am going with a 133" screen and ceiling mount with about 15' throw. The room has 5 windows 4 of which are behind the screen. I will mostly use for night movie viewing but will mostly be seen by others for daytime sports. I like a bright image and I like a sharp image. I would love the quiet and sharp HW40ES for those reasons, but had been thinking of the Optima HD25-LV for the bright image. I have not purchased screen yet so would adjust to the projector. A bit fearful of too much gain? Please let me know what I will be giving up if I go with the HW40ES and a gain of say 1.5. It gives me 22FL vs 33fl on a 1 gain screen with HD25-LV. Most of the viewing angle will be fairly straight on, but bar seating is at a 45 degree angle from screen. Am I just trying too hard to make the HW40ES work at these sale prices going on right now.
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Topic:   what my distance should be using 100in screen

hello everyone some one please help me i have Sony VPL-HW40ES and my screen size is 100inX100in how far should the projector should be from the screen by inches. thanks
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Topic:   Looking to purchase need help

I have very little knowledge about projectors but i do know i love a big screen. I would like some insight on what projectors are out there and get the most for my money. I am willing to spend up to $2000 but would like to spend less. Any info would be great. I have been looking at the Sony but not sure if it is the best option...
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