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Topic:   Sony VPL-HW40ES - Double image red tint

Whenever I power on my projector I am stuck with a double image that has a red tint for the first few minutes. After a while it goes away and there are no issues. I did not realize this was an issue until my dad purchased the same projector and he has no such issue. I tried looking online for an issue but figured I would come to these forums and see if anybody has any suggestions. Attached is an image of my issue, thank you!
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Topic:   Screen size and mounting height for Son VPL-HW40ES

I am new to projectors and appreciate any help anyone can give me. We are looking at putting a projector in our pole barn. We are looking at using a 216" diagonal Da-Lite screen on the 15' wall. The barn is 48' wide and has a vaulted ceiling with a 2/12 pitch. We have been looking at the Sony VPL-HW40ES and the Epson 5030UB but leaning towards the Sony. The calculator shows the projector should be 26'2" from the screen. At this distance the ceiling would be 3'8" higher than the top of the wall where the screen will be mounted. The screen will be lower than the top of the wall with the case and black area and the projector will be on a mount so it won't be tight against the ceiling either but this gives a close estimate of how much higher the projector will be than the screen. I have a couple of questions, can the projector be mounted this much higher than the screen? Also, can this projector be used on a screen that large? The specs say it is good for up to a 300" screen but the calculator shows the brightness to be 5Fl on the 216" screen at this distance. The Epson shows the same brightness but a mounting distance of 28'8 This would put this projector at 3'2" higher than the top of the wall. Thanks in advance for any help on this. Brad
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Topic:   Sony VPL-HW40 Restarts Randomly

Hello, I have a Sony VPL-HW40ES ceiling mounted. It randomly restarts, as far as I can tell, only when displaying PlayStation content. Is this possibly an indication that it is getting too hot when being asked to render video game content? I have the fan set to low for noise reasons. Maybe there is another setting or settings I should consider changing, but I really don't know much about all of the picture quality/parameters available in the configuration menu. I just recently changed from having the projector connected to a utility power outlet with a basic surge protector inline, to an APC J35B for powering all of my rack, including the projector, but I haven't had time to run a lot of game content in the new environment so I don't know if I'll still get the restarts. Maybe a better power source was the answer? Thanks, Chris
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Topic:   Projector distance

Similar question. I just purchased a Sony HW40ES with 120" screen. Waiting for it to arrive. My seating is 13' from the screen. I can mount the Projector anywhere from 15' to 20' 15' would be closer to our heads and I assume noisier. Also it means more wiring along the ceiling from the back wall. So 20' would be preferred ascetically. What are the implications of mounting it at 15' or 18' or 20'? Does it get any brighter or clearer as it gets closer? Is it better to mount it at a shorter throw than a longer throw as long as its within its ability to fill the screen? Is there a 'sweet' spot for image with a projector or is anywhere within its throw the same image quality? Randy
Topic:   Sony VPL HW40ES/Image TOO Big/Need Lens?

Hey there! I just purchased a Sony HW40ES and due to the constraints of my room and not hanging it from the ceiling, it definitely needs to sit where my Marantz long-throw always sat which is about 25-30' back. I immediately realized that at the smallest setting for a throw, the image is far too big to land just right on my 110" screen. Without sending it back and without buying a bigger screen, is there any lens that will essentially make it a long-throw - and that will make it land just right on my 110" ? Thanks for any help! Otherwise I'm faced with having to get a larger screen which will have to cover the in-wall speakers...Any problem with covering the in-wall speakers with a typical projector screen? Thanks again
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