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Topic:   Just Bought an LG pf85u

I guess Ill have an electrician come out. I've never done any electrical work besides putting up fans and small lights, unless you think watching a few youtube videos and reading up on the subject would be better? Im not using the speakers from the projector. Although when the projector speakers were on it was not synced with my speakers. Im using a sony bdv-e580 with speaker. It was a bundle package. I figured for now it would be fine until i can save up for some better speakers.
Topic:   Just Bought an LG pf85u

I just bought my first projector and I have a few question. First question is I want to put the projector in the ceiling, but I have no outlet in the ceiling and my power cable is to short. What would be a good solution for this? Second question is I played a movie on the projector the other night and its not synced with audio. What do I need to do to fix this?