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Topic:   BenQ W1400 - 3D issues

Hi, I have just purchased W1400. Everything is working great expect the 3D. I connect it through mzy PS3, which then goes into an AV reciever (which has 3D support btw). However each time a message appears on screen, the output medium cannot support the content. BenQ is ofcozurse capable of 3D so I am quite baffled as to what am I doing wrong? Can anyone help?
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Topic:   Is this an "ok" replacement?

I currently own an Infocus In78 and after running avout 1000 hours its slowly dying. And i dont have the kind of money to spend on a projector like i did when i bought the infocus so im wondering if the Benq W1400 is a worthy succesor to my old infocus.
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