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Topic:   Calibration of JVC DLA X500R

I have just ordered my JVC DLA X-500R & would appreciate some advice as to how should I calibrate my projector to get the best out of it? Are there any software/light meters that you would like to suggest? I'm considering CalMan 5 Control with either OEMi1 Display or SpectraCal C6. Your feedback will be very valuable for me. Thanks a lot in advance.
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Topic:   Home Theater equipment advice

Friends, I am a newcomer to the field of home theatre projection. My house is currently under construction & I have made a provision for a dedicated home theatre room in the basement. The walls & ceiling of the room will be painted in a dark shade and the light is completely controlled. The size of the room is 14’x25’. The whole house is being hard wired with Cat 5e & RG-6. The builder will also provide in wall wiring for a 9.2 audio set up in the theatre room. There is provision for a projector mount at 15” from the projection wall. As for the audio equipment I have already procured a Pioneer Elite SC-79 receiver, an Emotive 5 channel amplifier (XPA-5), an OPPO BDP 105 blue ray player and 8 Polk audio Monitor 75 speakers, a Polk audio centre speaker (CSiA-6) & 2 Polk subwoofers. For projector I’m seriously considering JVC X 500R home theatre projector & for screen, Carada Criterion 114” brilliant white screen (16:9) with 1.4 gain. The theatre room will be purely utilized for cinema viewing in 2D (no 3D) and no television viewing so no sports and no video games. I would really appreciate if you can provide feedback for the following: 1. Am I making the right equipment decision for the projection equipment & in case if you happen to have any experience with subject projector or screen, please share your views. 2. As I intend to use the home theatre purely for watching movies should I go for 16:9 or 2.35:1 aspect ratio screen? Thanks so much for your help.