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Topic:   Home Theater equipment advice

[QUOTE=Binky|Mar 9, 2014 5:48:31 PM] Thanks so much for the prompt reply. They are asking for $4,200 however are also throwing in a spare lamp & a pair of 3D glasses & a 3D emitter. Have you heard/evaluated an EluneVision screen and if yes what is your opinion about it? The sales guy was giving me his pitch about how the EluneVision screen is free of any texturing whereas most others (even when they cost 2 or 3 times as much; this particular screen in question is priced at $1,200 for a 115” with 1.0 gain ) come with slight texturing & that results in pixel deformation when we are trying to project a 1080P image???? [/QUOTE] Hi Binky, Im looking to get this projector and my local JVC dealer quoted a much higher price on this projector but also does price match. Could you tell me what jvc dealer quoted you $4200? Thanks so much.
Topic:   Calibration of JVC DLA X500R

I have just ordered my JVC DLA X-500R & would appreciate some advice as to how should I calibrate my projector to get the best out of it? Are there any software/light meters that you would like to suggest? I'm considering CalMan 5 Control with either OEMi1 Display or SpectraCal C6. Your feedback will be very valuable for me. Thanks a lot in advance.
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Topic:   Home Theater equipment advice

Friends, I am a newcomer to the field of home theatre projection. My house is currently under construction & I have made a provision for a dedicated home theatre room in the basement. The walls & ceiling of the room will be painted in a dark shade and the light is completely controlled. The size of the room is 14’x25’. The whole house is being hard wired with Cat 5e & RG-6. The builder will also provide in wall wiring for a 9.2 audio set up in the theatre room. There is provision for a projector mount at 15” from the projection wall. As for the audio equipment I have already procured a Pioneer Elite SC-79 receiver, an Emotive 5 channel amplifier (XPA-5), an OPPO BDP 105 blue ray player and 8 Polk audio Monitor 75 speakers, a Polk audio centre speaker (CSiA-6) & 2 Polk subwoofers. For projector I’m seriously considering JVC X 500R home theatre projector & for screen, Carada Criterion 114” brilliant white screen (16:9) with 1.4 gain. The theatre room will be purely utilized for cinema viewing in 2D (no 3D) and no television viewing so no sports and no video games. I would really appreciate if you can provide feedback for the following: 1. Am I making the right equipment decision for the projection equipment & in case if you happen to have any experience with subject projector or screen, please share your views. 2. As I intend to use the home theatre purely for watching movies should I go for 16:9 or 2.35:1 aspect ratio screen? Thanks so much for your help.