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Topic:   Runco VX1c

Last weekend I found a Runco VX-1c for $75 at Goodwill resale shop. It has the control unit, all cords and a remote. The bulb works. I don NOT have the manual. This specific model I have been unable to find a PDF of the manual online. After some attempts, I got our DVD player to project through it. Questions: 1) does anyone have access to a PDF version of user manual they could share? 2) after being on for a few minutes, the image became askew, instead of rectangular became kind of like a diamond shape, 45 degrees askew. Any suggestions to fix this? I did a factory reset on the keystone and that did not work. 3) should I keep this or sell for someone to part out? What should I ask for it? Not sure how many hours on the lamp, is there a way to check? Thanks for any advice you can provide!!
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Topic:   Runco VX-1C w/ Video Processor

Could anybody put a value on this projector? Client selling old gear. Never have sold Runco, but I know it sold for 17K new. Thanks, RadioRhea
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Topic:   runco help please?

well congratulations on ripping off someone that was surely uneducated about thier purchase. btw the specs you linked were not for the projector you say you had. you linked a PJ built in 02 here is a link for your 1999 model.
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