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My Runco VX-101c projector has given me everything I wanted for a great home theatre environment. It's tied into a custom made 78" Stewart screen that drops from a soffit 12' away. Built in Bose speakers (I know, I know, what some feel about Bose) for great surround sound. But, a year or so ago, the controls between the lamp and the screen started to act up - but I could always play around to get them to work. This last spring the lamp went out ... I figured that must have been it all along. I ordered a new one (almost $700!) and thought that would fix it. Nope. I would power the projector on, the screen would sometimes come down, but only when the lamp would ignite, most of the time it wouldn't. I would have to repeat this continually till the lamp would finally ignite. Meanwhile Runco's customer service is horrible, absolutely horrible to work with over the phone. They thought it might be the short whip connection (?) between the cables and projector, so I tried unplugging that from the projector and trying to power it up that way, it worked sometimes, then I'd plug into the projector for the screen to know to come down. I've been doing that for 6 months ... until last night, when I heard the bulb/lamb go pfft! and go out. I don't even know what the warranty - is but I think I've had my fill. Might be time to go HD anyway???!!! Any suggestions or other input? Anyone in the Kansas City area for seeing some alternatives, etc??? Thanks for anything.
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