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Topic:   Considering an Optoma EH500 for Living Room?

Hello all - I know there are plenty of "Help me decide" threads here, but here's another one! I've been using projectors in my living room for almost 8 years now. Currently running the Optoma HD 66, but really want to upgrade to 1080p since the launch of the Xbox One. I primarily game with them, and I am not limited on installation options, I've got a telescoping mount I can put as close as 9' and as far as 16'. I've pretty much decided on getting a BenQ W1070 - but I've been tempted to go a slightly different route after seeing the performance of the MONSTER that is the Panasonic DZ6700U. We've got two of these bad boys at work running in a fully lit office on 160" screens. The brightness is astounding (as it should be for a dual lamp, 6000 lumen $8,000 projector) and it got me thinking: "Why not use a conference room style projector in my living room"?. Hell, this Panasonic only claims 2,000:1 Contrast ratio (it is on a Gray Hawk screen though) Now, I'm not considering THIS model for my living room due to the insane cost, but I'm really interested in the Optoma EH500 which claims a fairly impressive 4,700 lumens. Only issue I notice is that it is still using the DarkChip 2 instead of the DarkChip 3. Main issue here is light control, due to the way my house is configured, gaming in the day time is difficult, and to be completely honest - I just want a light cannon so I don't have to keep the house so dark. I'm trying to fill the black hole in my heart with more lumens. Anybody ever use this model? It seems to be the replacement for the TH1060P. Also considering the BenQ SH910, any experience with this model? All thoughts welcome!
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