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Topic:   Projector setup for Front/rear viewing

Hi! I'm totally new to the whole world of projectors, but I've been reading a lot. It's just that I can't seem to find answers to my questions. A friend of mine asked me for help cause he want a proyector in his living room, the strange thing is that he wants to be able to see it form the living room and also from the dinig room (screen would be dividing them, and its mostly going to be for watching sports and maybe music videos on partys) After a while I found a screen I THINK might work, its the "Elite Screens TE106HR2 CineTension2 Electric Rear Projector Screen" The projector that I found is an Epson Powerlite Homecinema 5030UB or 8345 (have a 6m throw and the screen is only 106", can't go bigger) I know it's not the best setup but its the only way I think and found it would work. Any help would be very much appreciated.
Topic:   Projector Distance

My calculator (link below) shows a distance of 14'8". I am a first time DIY home theater user. Is this the distance from the front of the lens to the screen? I am using a Elite Screen 110" 16:9 Sable Frame Fixed screen.
Topic:   Epson 5030ub action scenes are blurred or rushed. Hard to see

Hi guys. I'm newer so please go easy on me. I just received my new 5030ub and I'm very pleased so far. However, I have noticed that in action scenes (or fast moving scenes) things get blurred or rushed (hard to explain). For example I watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier and during the fight scenes things are difficult to see (as explained above). I have played around with the Frame Interpolation settings (off, low, normal, and high) but they do not seem to help with the scenes. I typically have that set to Low just because the higher I get the more soap opera effect I see, but like I said the higher settings are not fixing my problem. I have also set the different settings in the Iris settings as well. My projector is connected to a Denon receiver X2000 with high speed HDMI cable and a LG blue ray player is connected to the receiver as well. I have the projector set in the THX mode and the blue ray player is outputting 1080p. This is very frustrating on my end because I was so excited to get my first home theater effect and this is a bit of a set back. Does anyone have any recommendations for resolving this problem or has anyone encountered this problem? Many thanks in advance to anyone who is able to help.
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Topic:   Should I upgrade Dukane 9017 (same as JVC-SX21u) plus more

I have a 10 year old dedicated home theater. Currently have a Dukane 9017 D-ILA projector (same as the JVC-SX21U) with a Stewart Firehawk 1.35 gain grey screen, width of 120" or 138" diagonal for 16:9 (150" diagonal for 4:3 which we now never use). We sit 12' away with another row at 18'. My only input to the projector is component and my video sources (direct TV, Roku, Apple TV, rare blu-ray) are switched from another room about 20' away. All the cabling is in the ceiling and wall so a pain to run new cabling though I could figure it out. I usually use 720p as the projector only does 720p/1080i and I have other TVs in the house that can only do 720p. Though I can go completely dark, there is often ambient light in the theater. I often lose the "keep it dark" battle with wife, kids etc.. and after ten years I don't see victory in sight. Everything basically "works" the same as when new. But I have the upgrade bug. I am computer guy. I don't keep up with AV stuff but I know I don't know how much things have changed a ton in ten years. Questions: 1) Should I upgrade the projector. Been looking at the Epson-5030ub (or 6030ub). Open to other brands. Will I notice a dramatic difference? Would it be brightness or contrast or ???? Would like more brightness for sports. 2) Should I figure out how to get to 1080p? Will people really notice the difference? Would any projector take 1080p over component if I can get it there via an HD-Fury or other HDMI converter? 3) I could change my 4:3 screen to a 16:9 screen and add 35" or so to make it 135" wide. Thoughts on this? Could also do all of the above one step at a time. Thanks.
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Topic:   Help with screen/projector choice

I am trying to figure out what screen size and type to look into getting. My room is as follows: 24'x 17'x 9.5'. This is my living room. I do have light blocking shades on the window and sliding glass door. I still get light from the kitchen window, etc. We don't watch much TV during the day, expect football when it isn't on at night. I currently have a 1080i rear projection TV (10 years old). I also have in wall speakers. Here is what I am thinking. I would like to get a Epson 5030ub projector with a Elunevision 4k 1.0 gain fixed screen. I sit back really far from the TV (20 feet). I would like to get the screen to go as big as I can. It would be nice to get at least 150" screen. my budget is $5k for everything, including running power and video, moving the speakers so they are not behind the screen and installing the projector I am worried about the time I will have ambient light. I was thinking of going with a higher gain screen but I was told that since I plan on doing a ceiling mount, I should go with a higher quality screen with a 1.0 gain screen. What are you thoughts? Thanks, Ron
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