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Topic:   Projector Technology Stagnant?

I've owned the Epson 5030UB since the summer of 2014. It first shipped in Oct 2013, so I've owned it for almost 2 years and its been available for over 2 years now. I keep waiting for a significant upgrade to the 5030UB, but #1, Epson hasn't released a new model and #2, other manufacturers (e.g. Sony) have newer models, but either they are FAR more expensive (e.g. the 4k VW665ES or slightly cheaper VW365ES) or more expensive (but not as much as the 4k projectors) but with little to no significant improvement (e.g. the Sony HW65ES). It seemed like up through 2013, Epson released new LCD panels that both Panasonic, Epson and others used to release ever improving projectors. I haven't heard from Panasonic since what, the AE8000? And Epson hasn't released a new model in over 2 years in the mid range to replace the 5030UB. Have we reached a point where its just not going to get any better? Which I guess is good, since the money spent on the 5030 is giving me a lot of longevity compared to other technology. Am I missing something or is projector technology just stagnant? David
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Topic: - Legit?

Has anyone else bought replacement lamps from They claim to use the same UHE lamps as Epson in a compatible housing. It's a good deal less expensive ($169 vs $249 for an Epson brand replacement lamp). Anyone else bought from them? Thoughts, advice?
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Topic:   Epson 5030UB - Wireless HD Transmitter?

I just purchased a 5030UB, I haven't installed it yet, i'm torn on whether to return it or not. Can this model use the Wireless HD Transmitter like the 5030UBE? My home came with in wall/ceiling HDMI jacks, but only 2, and I'd like 3 or 4, it seems like the wireless transmitter would be the way to go. Suggestions?
Topic:   Trouble lining up my EPSON 5030UB to my projector

The lens wheels are very sensitive on this model and I'm having trouble lining it up perfectly to my 120" silver light screen. Any suggestions? EDIT: I meant screen, sorry.
Topic:   Brighter, lower power Epson

When is Epson going to introduce a brighter, yet lower power version of this great series of home projectors? A high power LED light source, similar to the transition that is happening in automobiles, would theoretically allow more lumens for less watts and avoid lamp life issues. I absolutely love my 5030UB, but combined with my theater sound system, watching TV or movies is my number one home power consumer, yet on very sunny days, I still have to run the projector in daylight mode, which consumes the maximum amount of power. Wouldn't an LED lamp source allow for double the brightness for the same amount of power?
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