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Topic:   Sony HW55ES Issue

Hi all. I've recently bought a second hand HW55es and I've hit a snag with it. Hopefully someone else might have experienced it too. After a random amount of time the projector will just turn itself off. It could be 30 minutes, it could be 6 hours. There's no warning lights, and the projector will immediately switch back on like nothing has happened. One symptom that might narrow it down is that it does no cool down at all. It just shuts off. I thought perhaps it was the bulb, so I've replaced that, but it still does it. I then thought maybe it was dirty inside, so I took it apart to clean it, but it's like new (It was sold to me with 38 hours of use). All the airways are perfectly clean, as are the fan blades. The bulb that it came with was a genuine Sony lamp/carrier. I then thought it was lack of cooling, so I turned the fan profile up to high, however even with it sounding like a jet on takeoff it still shut down after 30 minutes. I don't know what else to try. Has anyone else experienced this? Or perhaps there's something I've missed to help diagnose it? Cheers in advance John
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Topic:   Got a new Bulb, and my eyes are melting!

I bought a used Sony VPL-HW55ES on EBay 8 months ago for $1,800 and it came with 700hrs on the bulb, so its light intensity was already pretty well dimmed to a normal level. But today I had to replace it after reaching 4,000hrs total, and this new bulb makes the screen look like a totally different picture. It's pretty cool, but also kinda intense. I remember reading here a few months ago that it's a good idea to keep a new bulb set at High power for the first 500hrs to help "burn-in the filament." But man, how am I supposed to use this at night, I feel like I could open a lighthouse and direct seafaring vessels! Is the burn-in a real thing for new bulbs, or is it more of a relic from older times when bulbs were worse quality?
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Topic:   Replacing my Sharpvision cv-z12000 Mk2

My Sharpvision 12000MK2 has provided a lot of years of entertainment for our family. I'm due for bulb replacement and have been considering replacing the projector. It's in a dedicated room and ambient light is not an issue. I will continue to be using my Carada 110" 1.4 gain screen. Movies from Blueray are the main use, but a PS4 is also used in the room. I am considering the Sony VPL-HW55ES. It seems to be of comparable quality as my old Sharpvision was back in the day. I'm fine with the 1080p, as it seems 4k is currently well out of my price range. Although it would be limited use, the 3D would be enjoyed (most likely by our children) Now for the questions.... Is the 55 worth the money over the 40? What other brands/models should I consider and why? Thank you for your help, I'm hoping to make the right choice and have just as good of experience as we've had with our last projector.
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Topic:   Problem with the image from Sony VPL HW55ES

I have a projector Sony VPL HW55ES and the image on the screen it is split in 2 parts with a black band between them (horizontally) The first part it is the full image but very compressed and the second part it is 1/3 from the entire image. The source it is a Sony Blu-Ray or a cable box and the input in the projector it is HDMI. Between the source and the Projector it is a B&O switch. Can you help me with an advise?
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