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Topic:   Epson 2030 - Rip Blu-Ray to USB Flash Drive and Watch

Does anyone know if you can rip a Blu-Ray to a USB Flash Drive and then watch the movie via the Projector (Epson 2030)? I know it can display photos, but I can't find any info on movies. If not...can I connect a Laptop? Thanks!
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Topic:   Epson 2030 Projector Bluetooth Headache

Hey Guys, I just bought an Epson 2030 projector which works great. Clear, aspect perfect, quiet, fast. I have one problem though. Bluetooth & Wifi give me a headache. I know some people are susceptible and some are not but I'm one who is. I have a meter that detects Bluetooth & Wifi signal and have my entire house quiet from both but the projector is pegging the meter. I turn the projector off and the signal is gone. It's the projector. I've went through every menu on the projector and turned off WIFI but there is no Bluetooth off switch. I believe it's going to be the Bluetooth for the 3D glasses part of the projector. I'm so happy with everything about this projector but cannot use it because of the RF signal it's putting out. If there's no way to turn it off I'd be happy unsoldering the transmit antenna off the board if need be. I hope someone knows if it's Wifi or Bluetooth that is transmitting and how to turn it off. If I cannot turn it off I would have to sell it and buy a new projector that is not Wifi or Bluetooth capable. Help!!! Chris723
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Topic:   Shooting screen at an angle

Hi all , new projector owner here! I am building a home theater room and the back of the room is limited space in front of projector so I have to place ceiling mount to the side about 3ft off center,if I placed in front of screen it would be less then 10 feet away and I couldn't stand up without blocking screen.I have the screen almost square but it still has a trapezoid look to it.I have played with the keystone option but I am wondering if it is more of a mounting issue . The projector is 12 feet back and 3 feet off center is it possible for me too shoot a square image using those numbers?
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Topic:   Help with New Epson 2030...

Hi - Projector newbie here... I just picked up a 2030 to primarily be used as a summer "movie on the patio" projector. Hooked it up in the house and although the image looks really nice, it's massive! The zoom doesn't bring it down anywhere near the size I need for the patio...unless I move it up really close to the screen. Am I missing something or is this just the way it is?
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Topic:   epson eh-tw5200 projector bulbs why so cheap?

Projector lamps are a scam. Give away the razor to sell the blades mentality. With LED projectors starting to pick up in popularity the high priced replacement lamps for projectors can't last and Epson has been the first to really understand this. So, they've changed lamp production from Osram/Phillips to something they have more control of and something they can get better pricing with. I believe, rather strongly, that within the next few years other manufacturers will follow along and have lower lamp prices, but Epson is the first. So, you get a lamp rated to high hours with a lower price tag (by far) than others, in a decent projector. Decent, not great. I'm guessing the TW5200 is the European equivalent to the 2030 model here which also has the cheap lamps. I'm torn, because I think the BenQ W1070 is a better projector and I don't rip through lamps quickly (once every 2 years at the most), so I will take a bit more quality in the long run and buy the more expensive lamp... But, the lamp itself I don't believe has any serious quality issues which have been reported. They last, they look good, and they are far more inexpensive than the competition. About f'n time! Biggest props of the year for Epson on that.
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