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Topic:   Compact, Budget Quiet Projector recommendations (Have AAXA LED Pico Pocket Projector)

(EDIT - exchanged for INFOCUS 1142) I picked up one of these the other day: AAXA Technologies AAKP10101 LED Pico Pocket Projector. I am using it to project maps down onto a table for a game that I'm playing :). I know that the heat dissipation of projectors is optimized for horizontal mounting as opposed to vertical (lens pointing down). One of the reasons that I went for such a cheap projector, is so that if I kill it, it's not the end of the world. That said, I'm thinking about exchanging it for another model (probably a bit larger to accommodate a larger fan). The fan is very loud (I can only imagine how small it is, which would explain this), especially considering that it has to be right above our heads Could anyone provide me with a suggestion for a sub $500 small to medium projector that is very quiet and has long lamp life? It doesn't have to be too bright or high res. The AAXA works OK (I wish that text was more legible, that's where I see Screen Door Effect). This will primarily be used mounted vertically above a table, but it would be cool to also be able to use it for other stuff too. Thanks for taking the time! Models I'm looking at: ASUS S1 Acer P1173 BenQ MS524 AAXA Technologies P2 Jr. Optoma Pico PK320 Optoma ML550 Acer C205 AAXA Technologies P450 AAXA Technologies P300 BenQ MS504
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