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Topic:   Projecter install

Hi, must the centre of the HD131Xe lens be 8 inches above the top edge of my screen image , as I am limited on how low I can put my screen due to furniture. I was hoping to put the top of my screen slightly higher than centre of lens. Thanks in advance
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Topic:   Here's a silly question for you guys...

I have an optoma HD131xe and it's gonna be placed on a platform 9" above my screen. Since it has to be upside down, can I just place it basically on its back on the platform without damaging anything?
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Topic:   Where to buy optoma hd131xe?

Anyone know where I could get the optoma hd131xe online for the lowest price? Amazon right now is $789.20 after tax and shipping. Rakuten has it for $719 but they get it from which on their website, only have white ones, and I'm not sure if it's as reputable as amazon. And has it for $729.99. Anyone know any good sites with a better price? Does this projector ever go on sale? Thanks
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Topic:   Please help with new setup! picture inside

Just started learning about projectors and I want to implement it into my home theater. Here is the set up. I want to display a ~110" diagonal screen Throw distance has to be about 160-170" The projector is placed about 4" above the screen Theres some ambient lighting but will be mostly watched at night. Seating can be anywhere. Picture shows wall on left where screen is and a black platform all the way on the right top part of picture. I was looking at the Optoma HD131Xe and it seems like it would work. What do you guys think about this projector or any other suggestions thats under $1000?
Topic:   Foot Lambert question

First, thank you ProjectorCentral. This is a great site. Maybe newb dumb question but here goes: My ancient (but loved) Sharp XR-11XC (2000 lumens) finally died a few weeks ago. I would like to replace it with the Optoma HD131XE (2500 lumens) but I'm concerned by the Image Brightness FL calculation from the "projection calculator pro". If I set the horizontal screen width to 78 inches and the distance to 11'8", the FL value of the 2000 Lumen XR-11XC is listed as 61. The higher lumen HD131XE is listed as 42. I don't understand how this projector with more Lumens results in a less bright screen? Any idea? Thanks
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