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Topic:   New project projector

I picked one of these up on Ebay for 10 bucks in the hard shell case with the original remote (No power on) I figured its worth working on it and the worst case is I can part it out to make my ten bucks (Plus shipping of course.) back (I've seen the remotes aren't cheap, right?) I'd like to know where to start as far as troubleshooting, I've searched high and low online and for the life of me couldn't get a service manual applicable to this model or anything close, but I did get a sanyo service model for a somewhat later one and was happy to see a fuse is inline with the power system, does anyone know if this module would have a fuse as well? I am assuming there is no LED indicators lighting up at this point (Although I don't yet have it in my possession) so where would you start? Sit down with a multimeter and trace it out? Any advice would be appreciated I'm new to projectors but a long term electronics geek so lay it on me. Also picked up a proxima 5600 on the cheap via the same seller on ebay and this one works with the 15 pin VGA port but not the RCA/s-video connections, they said some buttons on the unit don't work so I'm working with the assumption they just can't switch the mode into video, any advice on either of these units or basic troubleshooting (From a hardware POV) would be awesome. Thanks again guys.
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