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Topic:   Help with sizing Projector and Screen

I would like help with sizing a screen and projector upgrade for our church. We want to move from a 4:3 Optoma which was dim (and now the lamp is out) and driven over VGA-to-RF (low quality), to an HD 16:9 or 16:10 with much more light output and HDMI or HDBaseT. Our current screen is 10' x 8' at a throw distance of 16'. With a rear seating distance of 60' deep and 50' wide, would a screen of 20' x 12' be a good match? We have no windows, and lights on 9 dimmers, so we can get dark when we need to. Possibly a Draper electric screen? About 5 months ago I was looking at the Epson PowerLite Pro G6900WU LCD projector, which seemed a good match at 6000 lumens, but the cost is high and I was concerned about the throw distance vs. light loss. We currently only do song lyrics, but want to be able to handle powerpoint slides, pictures, documents for meetings, and movie night. Are we sizing this correctly, and are there any other recommendations for projectors for this size venue? Thank you for this forum, Keith
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