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Topic:   Epson 8345 vs 3020

Hey all- Hoping to get some advice. I'm looking to get a new projector, and my current setup (86" @ 13') doesnt' allow for too many choices. I've pretty much narrowed it down to the 8345 and the 3020 - and I'm leaning fairly heavily toward the 8345. Any reason I should drop the extra $500 on the 3020? The only reason I can think of is that it seems like the 8345 has a history of burning its bulbs out prematurely - and at ~$200 a pop, I'd only need to replace them two extra times to really make up for the difference in price over the 3020. I'm not a huge fan of 3D, so that's not a big selling point for me (although I will cop to having a few 3D titles that could get some use out of the idea.) Mostly I just want a decent picture to play some video games on and watch some movies on, and that will last me a while with little hassle. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Also, any thoughts on where to purchase from? I usually do Amazon, although I might do Best Buy for the reward points. Any reason to shop from anywhere else? Thanks, Ian
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Topic:   Image quality concerns with my new Epson 8345

I'm just setting up my recently purchased Epson 8345, and I have some concerns about its image quality. Have I got a bum device which I should exchange, or is this image quality about what should be expected? This picture is a grid pattern with each line being 2 pixels wide. The image is from a PC with HDMI output going (of course?) to the HDMI input of the projector. The PC display resolution is set to 1920x1080. The picture was taken in the upper-left of the screen. It looks like the panel alignment is out, but how far out is acceptable to most of you? The upper horizontal line looks pretty bad to me. Can anyone show me examples of a similar registration pattern? When watching Blu-Ray movies (e.g. Toy Story 3) the image doesn't have any obvious defects but I was hoping for a crisper image from the computer output.
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