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Topic:   Projection problem

The projected image has green colored strips on the screen along with the movie. The whole of projection area is grated into green lines and more visible with adarker background.
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Topic:   Benq w1500 wireless hdmi worthless

A month or two ago I purchased my first projector. I spent the extra money on the w1500 for the whdmi to help minimize running wires in our new house. So far I am fed up with this particular feature. It never seems to display right away and always gives me a check video source message, and I usually have to end up rebooting the system. This is really frustrating when you just want to watch a quick movie or TV. THEN once it finally displays, it often throws a rainbow line of red green and blue dots across the screen randomly (not rainbow effect). It will also often not refresh cleanly and leave some image remnants when quick action is present or flashes to a different scene. The whdmi dongle is about 15 ft from the projector, I've tried moving it directly underneath with no improvement. When I hook a hdmi cable directly to it it doesn't seem to happen. BenQ support has been pretty much nonexistent! At my wits end here :(
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Topic:   Image Quality Help

So I've had my first home theater set up since the end of January and until a few days ago I've only watched video from satellite (Dish Network) and Roku (Netflix and Amazon Prime). It all looks great. The other day a family member wanted to watch a DVD so... I connected my *old* Sony DVD player (RCA, no HDMI) and started The Hunger Games - Catching Fire. Image quality was very poor. Today I picked up a Sony BDP-S5100 (Blu-ray with cheap HDMI cable). Popped the DVD in... seems no different. I thought there should be some sort of improvement. Next I grabbed a 1080p rip of the same movie from Blu-ray disc. Again, I see no difference. Equipment: * 135" screen * BenQ W1500 * Marantz SR6008 * Sony BDP-S5100 What's confusing to me is how satellite and Roku provide great quality but I can't seem to achieve the same level from a 1080p Blu-ray rip. The projector, I believe, is set to auto-detect and it indicates receiving a 1080p signal. The info screen on my receiver shows it is receiving 1080p. I'm not sure what to do in terms of troubleshooting besides changing the cable. Thoughts, advice? Thank you, Mickey
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Topic:   Projector Distance To Screen

I am building my first home theater; the last significant purchases to be made are the projector and screen. In shopping for projectors I have narrowed selections to a few with the current top pick being a BenQ W1500. This is where I need help. Is this an appropriate unit with regards to the size of the room/distance of the unit to the screen. The room is roughly 16ft wide and 21ft long. The projector-to-screen is the 21ft dimension. In the middle of the room is a 52" ceiling fan currently on a 2ft down-rod. So I have to either put the projector "in front" of or "behind" (where my HDMI and power connections are already located but could easily move if necessary) the ceiling fan. Putting the projector "behind" the fan would place the unit anywhere from 20ft - ~14 from the screen whereas putting the unit "in front" of the ceiling fan would make the distance to the screen at most ~8.5ft. I'm planning on at least a 100" screen, quite likely larger if larger is not too big for the room. So, a couple responses I'm looking for. 1. Will the BenQ W1500 work from 14ft - 20 from the screen? 2. Will the BenQ W1500 work from 8.5ft or less from the screen? 3. Maybe this is not the right projector for me, what alternatives should I look at? I'd like to spend $1700 or less (projector only) and have a 100in or larger screen. 1080p, I like the idea of 3D but by far from a requirement, I like the networking features of the W1500 but not a requirement, ceiling mounted. Pretty much just for movies. The room is a dedicated "theater" though there is a window but external light is very well controlled and the room is painted entirely dark. Thanks for taking the time to help me out. This is foreign to me.
Topic:   Short Throw Options for a noobie

Edit* 8/23/13 - Added pic of current setup. Hello Everyone! I am a long time creeper, and first time poster here. I have finally decided to get myself a nice projector. I have been using a small portable projector (LG HX300) in what was meant to be temporary fashion (for almost a year!) and am sick of the grainy image. I picked the location on the ceiling at around 10Ft away from my screen (wall) when mounting. In researching to replace my current projector I am finding that 10Ft might be a bit close to get the size screen I want (100" diag). I have been using the calculators on this site (Which are awesome by the way!). I had initially thought that I had found the perfect projector for my needs in the Optoma HD25-LV. However I have realized that the lack of a adequate zoom, and no lens shift feature has me set at a much smaller screen than I had originally planned, which no ability to adjust the height unless I use keystone correction. In trying to research something better I found the BenQ W7000. This seems to be a projector that will allow me to have around a 100" diag screen at only 10 feet away. So Ok enough of the background, and onto the actual questions. 1. Would I be better off changing the location of my power and HDMI ports on the ceiling and moving the support back 3 or 4 feet to allow for a broader range of projectors? Is there a projector that is that much better than the W7000? If I move the mount back I theoretically could still use the optima HD25-LV. (Love the idea of the high lumens output as I would like to be able to use the projector with some ambient light on "Game Day". 2. With everything I have mentioned above here, does anyone have a hands down favorite for my particular scenario? I really do not want to spend any more than 1500 - 2000. But if there is something that is perfect I could muster up a bit more on the budget. To be clear... I do not have my screen mounted yet. I am going to create a fixed screen using screen material, and black out material. So as a result I have flexibility with my screen size. Thanks in advance for any tips, or advice you guys may have! Kind Regards, Brad
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