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Topic:   Help with projector placement and screen size.

I plan on picking up the Optoma HD25e for only $865. I also plan to buy a Carl's place DIY screen. I already have blackout clothe on the windows as this room also function as my bedroom. I do not care about moving existing objects around, such as my bed. I have made a google sketchup model of the room I plan on placing it in. Could you please help me with determining screen size, and placement. Imgur link files too big to work on message.,64a5YLD,uuatWZB,uDDPVP6,zeutzZn#2
Topic:   HD25 Grainy Images

OK, so I've had the HD25 for several months now.The one main issue I've had is the image quality during dark scenes. I'm using a PS3 as a Blu Ray player, my projector is about 10-11ft from screen. The screen is the Sherwin Willams paint that was recommended by the site . Lately, I'm noticing on Blu Rays such as Olympus has fallen and the newest Die Hard when I view dark scenes the images get very grainy like a weak analog signal. I've tried it in both Eco and Bright modes, turned off dynamic black ,lowered brilliant color but still is embarrassingly noticeable. Could it be a PS3 setting, a projector setting or is this typical . Would a projector with a higher lumens be more beneficial for this issue. The projector is in a fairly dark basement.
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Topic:   Optoma HD25 Projector - Decent Home Cinema Projector?

Hey, Looking for a decent home cinema projector and have heard the Optoma HD25 Projector as a good option Any feedback would be appreciated.
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Topic:   Optoma HD25

Can I play any 3d content (such as a 3D Blu Ray movie) from my PC and have it projected to a big screen using a projector like Optoma HD25? If yes, how many 3d glasses can be connected to the projector at one time? Does it number of glasses connected to the projector matter for the performance? How can I avoid the feel of vomiting when watching 3D with such glasses? Thanks.
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