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Topic:   Can not set up my Benq to reciever with HDMI?

Hello, I am getting really frustrated. I am looking for a way to play my Benq projector outside on the patio for football games. I have connected XBOX to the projector via HDMI and streamed Netflix and it worked awesome. Using the same HDMI cable (that worked fine with the XBOX) I have removed the hdmi output cable that runs to our indoor TV and plugged the HDMI cable to the projector and set the input on the projector to HDMI nothing... Then I set it to auto and it shows HDMI as the connection but I keep getting NO SIGNAL error code? I have also tried to use an SVideo cable from the same receiver to the projector with the same issue. I really do not care if I get the true HD effect but it would be nice to watch a football came on a huge screen outside (that is the main reason we purchased the projector). So I am hoping someone with much more experience than I have would be willing to give me some guidance? The other thing I was thinking is I do have a tv outside in the patio already. Could I come off the Comcast cable box into a cable to a splitter of some kind to feed the projector? Thank you for any help you might offer!!