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Topic:   Viewsonic Pjd5533w DLP light tunnel

new user here. my trusty little projector went dark the other day so i took it apart and found the light tunnel to be full of flaking mirror coating. i found something online of similar dimensions so i ordered it. that may take a month and i have a village full of children all wanting to see movies so ive just put it all back togrther without the light tunnel, and to my amuzement, the picture is brighter, sharper, and more vibrant than ever before. i put this down to the fact thatvthe light source is now a point. sure the centre of the screen is slightly brighter, but that is not noticable with a moving image. what exactly Is the point of this light tunnel?
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Topic:   Old projector malfunctioning, need advice!

I bought a Viewsonic PJD5533W about 2 years ago to use for presentations and events (used to own an SVGA model before that which fell off a table and met an early demise). I've been honestly really happy with it- even though our regular TV is 1080p, my family actually really enjoys watching movies on this projector in 720p. There's just one issue... the thing has been bugging out almost since the day we bought it. Sometimes it will shut off and go into a boot loop. No heat warning or anything like that before it happens, it just starts doing it. Sometimes I can predict when it happens (if connected to a laptop and the laptop goes to sleep, that seems to trigger it), sometimes it appears somewhat random (in the middle of a movie, an hour in, or maybe only 10 min in at other times). I don't think its actually overheating at first. I think something is malfunctioning which is causing it shut off and turn back on, and THAT causes it to overheat. When it first starts doing it, sometimes unplugging the HDMI cable with snap it out of it. But if that isn't done soon enough, it will start overheating and then its too late. The boot loop will continue until it cools off and I'll have no choice but to unplug the power to make it stop. It goes like this: Initial Beep, lamp starts to power, fan begins to spin. Whirring stops. lamp shuts off. Everything dies. Beep again, repeat. I put a laptop fan under it to try and keep it from happening, but it doesn't seem to make much of a difference. Again, I'm under the impression that this isn't initially being caused by heat, but rather something malfunctioning, which then overheats. Once the unit has been left off for a certain amount of time, it works fine again. Until it happens again. SO... here's the stupid part. I called Viewsonic and got an RMA while I was still under warranty. But, I had an event coming up that I needed to use it for, and pushed it off. (Turned it out it didn't last the event without boot-looping, so I had to borrow a friends as a backup) After that, it seemed to work OK at home for a bit so I forgot about the RMA and stuck with it. And/or we didn't watch too many movies, because it wasn't until months later that we wanted to watch something and had to quit half way into the movie. Then I remembered I was supposed to send it back. But now its been months and I'm pretty sure I'm no longer under warranty. SO... (sorry for the long rant) the question is what now. Is there anything I can do to fix this? I feel like it might have something to do with bad capacitors or something like that. But I don't know enough to troubleshoot it. Should I try to sell it as partially working, and use the money to buy something new now? I'm wondering if there's been a lot that has changed in Projectors lately... I've been out of the game a while and seen LED tech get stupid-cheap these days. Since I'm perfectly happy with 720p / WXGA resolution, maybe there are older and/or used models that would make this not even worth trying to chase after fixing? Open to suggestions!
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Topic:   Adding bluetooth capability?

I have purchased a new Sony soundbar that has bluetooth capability and I was curious if there was a way to use this with my projector or Samsung BD-P100 bluray player so I dont have long wires running across the room? Thanks Scott
Topic:   New Viewsonic PJD5533W, ghost picture?

Hi guys. I recently purchased a new Viewsonic PJD5533W. I had an Optoma HD32 before this which was great, but blew bulbs within a few hours of installing and Optoma customer support was worthless. Anyways, I have this set up in the living room, same way the old one was. Used for our daily TV. Games, movies, TV. I just have one question. I never noticed this on the HD32, but watching Netflix when an object moves quickly (like a close-up of someone's face and then move out of the way) there's a split second of what seems to be a leftover frame. My fiancee doesn't notice it at all but it's driving me crazy. It doesn't happen a ton but it's very noticable to me. Is there anything I can do about it? It seems to be just Netflix so maybe that's the problem? Although it never did that with the HD32 which is a lot worse specs. I have not tried a dvd yet. Only games (which all look fantastic) and Netflix. Thanks for the help.
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