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Topic:   Projector / screen recommendations?

Can anyone help me with suggestions on projectors for a large room/large screen combination? The room we are working with is 40' in length, 30' wide, with a 12' ceiling. Screen is on one of the 30' ends and there are floor to ceiling windows on the other end, that can be shaded. Room lighting is fluorescent, screen gain is 1.0 The screen size is 180" recessed into the ceiling. I've done projection calculations on projector central for the following projectors, and despite varying in price the throw distance and screen brightness are about the same. Infocus IN3128HD Epson PowerLite Pro 6050W Epson 1945W I like the price of the Infocus, as well as the 12v out to control the screen. I'm not sure if the throw distance of 21' should be a concern when the projector is ceiling mounted, with shadows cast from people standing near the front of the room or not. Anyone suggest other projectors that they would work with in this situation? Content being projected will be both text/presentation as well as HD video from Blu-Ray. Thx Brad
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