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Topic:   First time buying a pico projector

Just got this projector from AAXA called the LED showtime. Anyone else on here own one of these things. First time using a pico and I love it. The projector is tiny and it produces a good image resolution as well as a large screen size. Can't ask for anything more. Picos have come far from what I use to know. I got it on Amazon here: Features for LED Showtime 3D: Stunning 450 Lumen Optical Engine Native 720P HD Resolution 160” Screen Size for Immersive Games & Movies 20,000 Hour LED Light Source Full Sized HDMI, VGA, inputs Powerful ARM Processor for Video, Pics MP4, MP3, AVI, JPG, and text file support 3D Ready with onboard decoder
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Topic:   Will LED overtake LCD and even DLP one day soon??

Look at the Qumi 7 to arrive this summer (800 Lumin, 30,000:1 contrast ratio) Cant find exact number but 15/30k hours on the LEDs, Mobile. OK its HD ready only and current price is $1000 (you could get a traditional Full HD projector for that) but this is just the beginning - Aaxa tech are launching new stuff regularly. If the general public are to move from LCD/LED TV's to projectors will the LED Pico's be the reason? for around £180/€220 you can buy the brookestone (voted no.1 in picos for 2013 so far) reviewed by someone in the real world Job, Kids and the usual rat race scenario. It doesnt really matter about perfection at this price point - ive watched youtube reviews and it looks like a lot of fun and hassle free bulb life for many years. Look at the Aaxa showtime 3d (300 lumens, and HD ready with a max screen size of 160" (OK that may be a stretch) but 100" would meet the requirements of most screens. Will these LED projectors (Pico) revolutionize how and where we watch our streamed media (On your garden patio, living/bedroom, grannies house, mates house for the footie) Not everyone has the disposable cash,Space for a static (one trick pony) dedicated theatre projector that can only be used on speacial occassions to save the cost of a new bulb. I want much more than that i want something im not afraid to use or hand to my older kids for their Xbox and back to the living room for my wife and I later than evening. Im guessing most memebers here would own anything from a low end to high end beamer. Would you consider an LED in the future? if not for your dedicated theathre even as a 2nd family unit that you dont need to worry about so much?
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Topic:   Aaxa tech Showtime 3d

Long time reader - first time poster ;) Aaxa tech. launched a pico unit in dec.2012 (300 Lumen, up to 160" screen, 3D ready) other than a review by Picoprose which didnt really scratch an itch, ive yet to find a professional review of this unit - Projector central do you have one in the works maybe? and if not any plans? I would be interested to hear from anybody with first hand experience of the device.
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