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Topic:   BenQ W1070 hates my Sony AVR?

Hey everyone. Was excited to get my BenQ W1070, hooked it up directly to Satellite to test, and it looked great. Great picture on it. Installed to ceiling, hooked up to my Sony STR-DH550 AVR, and nada. Direct to Sat TV, works fine. AVR out to a TV, works fine. Have tried 3 different HDMI cables, seated and reseated them, and turned the units on in all different orders. Tried both HDMI input ports. W1070 says "Source Searching" for a minute or two, then "No Signal". Again, W1070 works fine direct to SatTV and Bluray. AVR works fine with a LCD TV. I'm at a loss. Anyone got ideas, please? Are there AVR units this Projector is incompatible with, or vice versa? I should mention we had a lightning strike which apparently blew out the previous projectors HDMI port. The receiver didn't seem to be affected, like I said it works with a TV, but who knows... Thanks!!
Topic:   Will this Work ?

Hi Newbe here Hello to all fellow projectionist Will this work ? Trying to mount my a Draper a Clarion 94 in fixed screen On this whiteboard stand So I can more it around What are you thoughts Only. $99 total so not a big cost How would you attached it ? Thanks Jim
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Topic:   Questions about set up

Hello, My name is Jome and I am new to the forums, although I have been browsing for the past year or so now. I ended up buying the BenQ w1070 after the information I have gathered here. My situation is that I am about to move in with a room mate and I will be putting my projector in the living room and I am just trying to figure out how I will set everything up as I am a novice and dont know limitations. Initially I have had my PC connected to the Projector and just streamed my videos directly to it. In this situation I dont have a laptop so I was planning on putting my computer in my bedroom. So really I am just asking for advice in terms of what would be the smart thing to do. Should I just run a long HDMI cable to the living room? My room mate said we should try chrome cast, but I read that it would require a power source. Since this is an apartment I want to avoid as many wires going up and down the walls as much as possible. Also, I was planning on buying an AV reciever and was wondering if I connected the receiver to the network and connected the hdmi out into the projector, would it be able to pull videos off of a network? (this may be a question for an AV forums, but I thought I would give it a shot here) I dont know if this will degrade video quality at all or not. Any advice would be appreciated!
Topic:   BenQ W1070 HDCP Issues

I purchased this projector a few days ago and have been using it in my bedroom projecting against a wall just to try it out until my blackout cloth gets here and I can fabricate a screen for the living room. I absolutely LOVE the projector but last night using my Apple TV I tried to stream a video and got an HDCP error. This confused me as just one night earlier I was using the Apple TV and Projector and they worked perfectly together. First I had to google what HDCP was because I had no clue. Then I found out it's some kind of digital copy protection.... great. Anyway I tried swapping cords, unplugging, resetting on both the Apple TV and BenQ. Nothing worked. Finally I decided to rent a movie on Dish network which was also running to the other HDMI port. I again received and HDCP error. This seems to be a known issue with the BenQ and I read somewhere to just jam the cable really hard into the port.... I was hesitant to do this but... it worked! No more HDCP error. So obviously some or most cables have a hard time fully connecting with the BenQ. Are there any cables out there we know for sure work well with the BenQ? I don't want to have to get on a ladder, unplug and then jam HDMI cables into the projector once I get it mounted on the ceiling. Another thread I read somewhere mentioned something about port savers from Monoprice? Does anyone here have experience with those having a tight fit in the BenQ?
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Topic:   Mancave needing woman approval

Hello, long time troller, first time poster. I recently purchased a home with a big walkout basement and a big wall to put a projector on. I have roughly 120-130" of width to work with, although if I moved my center over, it could be much, much larger (and the wife would hate me). The back of the room is about 13'6" and the ceiling is about 103". I plan on using a surround sound system for the audio. My questions are these: 1. What would be an appropriate height/distance from the wall? 2. I have 2 kids (6 and 3). Is there too big a size to comfortably watch? My wife thinks that the recommended seating distances are musts. I'm sure there will be some laying on the floor watching maybe 6' away or closer. Problems? The more specific you can be would be great. I could tell her the sky is blue and she would go outside just to check. Many thanks!!!
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