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Topic:   W1075 or HC3000

What I would really like is the Epson 5030ub but not in the cards financially. I have not yet seen the Epson HC3000 in Canada and would like to know the results of an a/b comparison against the Benq W1070/1075. The Epson may be a little brighter and be more flexible with placement, but not sure about the picture and black levels in a dark room. Looking to fill a 100 inch screen from 11 feet back.
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Topic:   help for a noob please

So just got my very first projector (benq w1070). I want to hook up my previous surround sound that I had for my tv (all in one surround/blu ray by Sony),my xbox 360, cable box, and laptop. My main question is how do I hook up my surround sound since all off the speakers go into the blu ray player. I do not think they will fit into a a/v receiver. Also I am trying to stay on a budget. Is it necessary that I buy a receiver or can it be done without? Thanks for the help.
Topic:   ambient light

hello I've read the Buyer's Guide that recommended 20-40 fL for rooms with low ambient light and i'd love to get some clarification regarding the optimal screen brightness. if i'd like to watch movies in a room with the light on, 1 ceiling lamp of 1500 luminance (no other light source), what will be the optimal screen brightness? in other words, how much is low ambient light in ceiling lamp intensity? my setup will be a 90" screen from a distance of 3 meters or less, viewing distance is about 3 meters. thanks in advance!
Topic:   Recomendations for a Full HD, 3D 1080p Projector...

For under $1,000 the BenQ W1070 remains the best projector money can buy you. It's $800 which is $70 more than it is on Amazon, but is still well within your budget. There should be little in the way of 'mixed' reviews on this model. The reviews are strong. It has very good color, good contrast, low image noise. It is compliant with standard 3D sources such as 3D Blu-ray Discs, and 3D video games from the PS3. The PS3 will also playback Blu-ray 3D discs without a problem. I use the W1070 on a 161" diagonal screen in my home, and it's a heck of a projector. As well, most users are reporting that the lamps are lasting up to and beyond 4,000 hours, which is spectacular. The W1070 produces about 10" of diagonal for each foot of lens to screen distance, so a 100" diagonal can be hit from about 10'. It does have some zoom on it, so you can some flexibility in placement (not much). It must be placed about 2"-4" below the bottom of the screen, or about 2" to 4" above the top of the screen if ceiling mounted. While there really are many other models out there, the W1070 has remained the best looking projector under $1,800 for quite a while. Truly - the best for the money! The jump you will find is significant.
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Topic:   Persistent "Recall Code" message with brand new W1070

Hello! Upon the recommendations of this forum I bought a W1070 for my home theater. It was working great for about half an hour out of the box but is now displaying a message that goes as follows: "Please write down the recall code, and contact BenQ Customer Center" (followed by a 10-digit number) This is the screen that you can pull up by holding 'Auto' while trying to enter the boot-up password. I got around it briefly and reset the password to 111111, and then checked that it was indeed disabled. It was. But this message pops up and if I hit 'Menu/Exit' to make it go away it comes right back up. During all this it's projecting the image and the audio's fine. Just with a big annoying message in the middle of the screen. My theory is that the Auto button on the projector itself is stuck down, somehow. Has anyone else had this issue? I can't even turn it off without cutting the power, which seems like a bad idea... EDIT: I was able to properly shut it down by hitting the power button on the projector then the remote. Booted back up and it's doing the same thing. EDIT2: Definitely something wrong with the projector's keypad. The power button doesn't start it up from standby, I have to use the remote. When it's on I can dismiss the message and hold another button on the keypad - it won't reappear until the button is released.
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