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Topic:   Going Projector - Need help!

[QUOTE=AV_Integrated|Dec 11, 2014 11:42:47 PM] 1.0 zoom means nothing. All that matters is the range, and the range for the W1070, for a 150" diagonal, as shown in your pic, is between 12'6" and 16'4" lens to screen.[/QUOTE] I think I can understand the mechanics of it, but that's is an awfully large range...4'? How is that not narrowed down? [QUOTE=AV_Integrated|Dec 11, 2014 11:42:47 PM] When you mount a projector above the screen it must be mounted upside down. Then it projects the image DOWNWARD from there. So, anything in the way, will cast a shadow. This is a nice graphic that kind of shows how it works: [/QUOTE] Makes sense. So either I have to remove ceiling fan, or remove downrod AND ensure that both the top of the screen and the top of the projector are low enough that the fan isn't in it's line of sight. Knowing that that has to be a horizontal angle perpendicular with the ceiling is extremly useful, so thanks. I will post a couple of pictures once I leave work and get home, of the space that I am doing this setup in (living room). Thanks for the feedback.
Topic:   Ceiling Mount Benq w1070

Hi everyone, This is my first time doing a projector set up. I bought a motorized 121" 16:9 screen and im going to mount the projector on the ceilling. The only concern I have is in calculating the height I need to set the projector from the ceiling. According to BENQ calculator, it should be 13cm from the ceiling (Image attached) is this correct? My screen will start 20 cms below the room ceiling. Im also attaching a picture of a render of the final screen set up. Thanks in advance for your help
Topic:   Please help with BenQ w1070 set-up

Hi! I am planning to create my own home theater set-up for the first time using a Benq W1070 since I found out that that projector is one of the best bangs for the buck. While I did quite a bit of research through forums, I have a few unresolved questions that I would really need help with. What are good 3d glasses that don't have issues such as ghosting, crosstalk, and losing connection while not breaking the bank and being comfortable? Ideally, I would like to own 4 3d glasses for around $140. What gain should my screen have? I am going to have a 106 inch screen and little ambient light. I can close the blinds on my many windows in the room, but some light does get through... should I be getting a grey screen? What screen would you recommend for a $400 or less budget? It has to be retractable! Can my projector be placed at a slight angle? Or will that affect the screen too much? Does 3d playback only work at 24fps for the w1070? Does that match the refresh rate of movie theaters? Any help is much appreciated :) Even if you can only answer one of the questions, please post your comments. Thank you
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Topic:   Streaming to a projector over WiFi

Does anybody have recommendation for the current setup below? I have a BenQ W1070 projector in the middle of my living room and an Elite Screen. So far so good. Now, because of the limited electrical connectivity in the middle of the room, I'd like to stream media content to the projector and not run cables. I just ordered the Amazon Fire stick that I can plug into the HDMI port of the BenQ projector to stream media over WiFi, but how do I connect the AV/Sound system for the audio that is actually 12ft away without running cables/wires across the living room? Or if I play NetFlix from a computer to the AV system for the audio, how do I stream the video over WiFi to the projector in the middle of the room? Anybody has any advice? Larry
Topic:   W1075 or HC3000

What I would really like is the Epson 5030ub but not in the cards financially. I have not yet seen the Epson HC3000 in Canada and would like to know the results of an a/b comparison against the Benq W1070/1075. The Epson may be a little brighter and be more flexible with placement, but not sure about the picture and black levels in a dark room. Looking to fill a 100 inch screen from 11 feet back.
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