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Topic:   BenQ W1070 Questions

Hey folks.. I currently have an older Optoma H31 and want to upgrade to the popular W1070. My current setup is in the basement with a 7' drop ceiling. I have the H31 on a universal mount and the lens is probably 2" below the ceiling tile. Current throw distance is ~12 feet to my 100" 16:9 screen. Current screen is about 1' from the floor and 2' from the ceiling. I would rather not move the screen but I do have room to move the projector throw IF i go closer. Can't go any further than the current 12'. According to the BenQ calculator, I would need to move the new projector up to a throw of 8' 4". Also on the BenQ calculator if I run the zoom all the way to 1.3 I can have a throw of 10' 10" so I assume I have that much room to play with (8' 4" to 10' 10") If I click the "lens shift" option it says I have vertical coverage of 2'5" and I don't know what that means? It also says the projector distance from the ceiling for these numbers would be 1'7"?? Does that mean I would have to drop the projector down that far to get it lined up? Can I use the lens shift and leave it close to the 7' mark? Just want to confirm all this before I take the plunge! Thanks for any input!
Topic:   BenQ w1070 ceiling mount ?

Dealing with a 92'' ceiling height in the basement where I want to create a media room, but having trouble figuring out what screen size I can realistically fit. I'd like to have the bottom of screen, not border at 36'' from floor which leaves 56'' to party with. I've checked out the projectorcentral calculation for screen size, which says that at 8 feet distance i can get 96'' or at 9 feet = 108''. I've read some other posts that this projector needs to be mounted above the screen due to the limited lens shift, but this is where I am struggling. With the W1070, would I be able to mount the screen close to the ceiling or I am stuck coming down 12-15 inches from the celing due to mount and lens shift? Thank you. As one post I saw said... good karma to anyone who can help!
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Topic:   Projector Options

[QUOTE=AV_Integrated|Apr 20, 2014 3:38:04 PM] There is more than an $800 difference IMO. Non-tensioned screens are garbage. They are a sheet of vinyl which you throw away once every 2 years because the surface has waves in it after one year. Then you buy a new one to replace it with. Then repeat every couple of years. A decent tab-tensioned screen lasts 10+ years and looks good the entire time. The best bang for the buck is the permanently mounted, fixed-frame screen. They last even longer and better manufacturers can make new screen material to use with your existing screen frame for only a few hundred bucks. [/QUOTE] I ended buying a Benq W1070 a couple weeks ago through Amazon for steal of a price, and ended up making my own mountable fixed screen which I put up for movie nights and otherwise store during the work week. And yes you were right the results are stunning for the price and I couldn't be happier. Pic attached is from Lone Survivor, screen size would be equivalent to a 124 inch TV. Thanks again!
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Topic:   BenQ W1070 can it do 120hz 1080p?

I am looking to buy a new Projector mostly for gaming and movie watching. I am very thrilled by the thought of 3d on a DLP even at 720p 60hz (would I be able to do 1080p 60hz with DVI?) and it would play well with my GTX 780 classified. What I would like to know is if I can do 1080p 120hz like I currently do on my Eizo fg2421 lcd monitor. This monitor is great for 2d gaming and has great contrast, but I would like to go big and 3d and only a good DLP projector can satisfy me in that respect. If you have other Projectors to recommend that can do 1080p 60hz in 3d let me know. For now I think that 720p 60hz could be enough especially with what I've read about the quality of the relatively low priced BenQ W1070.
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Topic:   Setup issues (Benq w1070)

Looking to pick up a Benq w1070 for the master bedroom Screen size : 120" manual pulldown. using the calculator this seems like it would be okay with the 12' throw length Viewing distance: around 13 ft Room Dimensions Length: 14'9" Width: 140" Ceiling height: 10' Soffit ends 26" from wall and is 1' from ceiling My issue is trying to figure out where to mount the projector. Most likely ill mount the projector around the middle of the soffit in the front of the room I cant seem to figure out where to mount the projector considering the screen size and the soffit location Ideally i think it would look best in front of the soffit (location 1) this would place the projector around 12' from the screen give or take Thanks for your help guys
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