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Topic:   What proyector buy??

I going to buy a proyector for my room. Im going to put the proyector on a shelf. Measures: from the lens to the wall: aprox 10ft from the bottom of screen to the floor: aprox 4ft Which is better for me?? 1070w or optoma h26?? Can i play mkvs (movies or series) from usb or i ve to connect pc, smartphone or tablet to reproduce mvk?? 3d "material" too? which screen i ve to buy(")??
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Topic:   Noob First HT

My first HT project, Had a big basement 1300sqft that looked right out of the 70's, that needed to remodel and refresh. So built an office, extra bedroom and a HT (still under construction) BenQ W1070 Projector as advised by AV_Integrated of this forum! (Thanks again) Custom 122" DIY Screen 107.5" X 61" X 3/4" MDF painted with Sherwin-Williams paint as advised in the Painting the Perfect Screen for $100 Sony Surround Sound JVC Speakers and Sub woofer The room it's self will be the HT + Bar + Pool table Note: The screen images were displayed on primed sheetrock, No calibration had been done yet! Work in progress and will follow up with more pics, Thanks Everyone for all the great info on the forum and projector central site!
Topic:   Need help / Advise on picking the right Projector

Hello all thank you for viewing my post.. So here is a little bio about my current situation I have always wanted to buy a projector for HD Movies and Gaming purposes (racing and fps like Halo, COD and Battlefield 4) due to being in the army we move or deploy and what not so I don't really want to invest in an awesome huge TV due to it not being so simple to take with me and plus why not play games on a 100" + screen.. I have done some research on a couple specific models of projectors but I personally don't as much knowledge in the projector world as I would like yet.. also I am overseas right now so I want to pick out the projector and order it before I return home... I do live in the barracks so space is somewhat limited.. I will have about 8 - 9 feet of throw room between the projector and the screen and I do plan on installing it in a ceiling mount. The projectors that I have been researching the most would be the BenQ W1070 BenQ HT-series HT1075 BenQ W1080ST Panasonic Home PT-AR100U I am not sure if I want to choose either a dlp or led projector I also would love to have 3D If you think there are other models that are under 1100.00 that would be a better choice for what I am looking for please let me know. Thank you for your time in reading this book! lol
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Topic:   BenQ MH630 OR ViewSonic PJD7820HD

Thanks a lot for the advice. I will go with benq w1070. Can you also suggest if I should use a Grey screen or White? Can u suggest good non-tensioned screen material. I was loking at the Carl's and the size is limited. Dont want to spend a lot of money on screen (Max $150).
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Topic:   Benq w1070 throw distance setup

So I am brand new to projectors but saw a ton about the w1070 and pulled the trigger. Unfortunately I blew my whole budget on it and had to go with a budget Amazon screen. I thought I had everything plotted out perfectly minus one detail. Room size. I thought I had a 15ft throw where the projector will sit when in reality the measurements come in at 12-13ft. The screen I ordered is 120in and I have read that the benq does not zoom out far enough to accommodate at less than 15ft. Unfortunately I can't use Adobe on my iPhone which is what all the calculators online seem to use so I am here for expertise on setup. The screen dimensions are 59in by 105in. Can I make this work?
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