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Topic:   Benq W1070 projection issue - angled

I just setup my new projector but my projection onto the screen is angled. The right side is higher than the left and it seems like the picture is angled oddly. Any suggestions on how to fix this? It seems like the upper left corner is leaning and it's very annoying.
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Topic:   Aspect Ration Diffrence between sellers

I would like to thank you AV integrated :) .. I chosen the BenQ w1070, although i needed a higher budget but i got it, i bought it yesterday and i would like to tell you that i got amazed by the picture quality .. Really impressive :) ... Very sharp very clear very life tone, thank you again for not letting me got the LG one :) Now i have one problem, i spent many hours at night watching movies and i am going to work almost sleeping :(
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Topic:   Glasses for benq W1070 ??

Hi people, Im relatively new to 3d projection. I'm very happy with my new w1070 projector but I didn't buy glasses for it right away since the standard/original ones are quite expensive. Do you guys know which glasses can be used with my beamer and come cheaper than the BenQs' ?? I got kinda lost looking for replacements for these. I know it has to be DLP-link glasses. And does it have to be 144 hZ? and what will happen if it's lower or higher. Thanks JoGS
Topic:   Issues with setting up Onkyo TXNR737 w/ W1070

Ok guys, I am stumped. I got an Onkyo TXNR737. I have my PS4 hooked up, runs great, works great with projector. The issue I'm having has to do with not being able to see the TXNR737s menu displayed on screen. If I try to set up WiFi it tells me to use Main TV. I checked the outputs, there IS also an ARC output, and I did try that one as well, but no video displays at ALL on that. I can press certain buttons like "display" on the onkyo remote and it'll display the jdmi resolution etc, but for whatever reason I canot see any setup info. Any ideas?
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Topic:   Living Room Home Theater

150" Elite Screens Electric Projection Screen BenQ W1070 IKEA BESTÃ… Entertainment Center RCA Soundbar* Coming soon: Onkyo TX-NR646 7.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver 2x Polk TSi400 (Front Speakers) 1x Polk Audio CS2 Series II (Center Channel) Speaker 4x Polk Monitor-45B (2 Side and 2 Rear) Polk DSWPRO 550wi Subwoofer Currently I have a Playstation 4 (rarely used for gaming) Also, as a PC Enthusiast I have an office behind my living room. I ran a 4th HDMI cable to make the projector a 4th monitor (Had 3 Prior) so I could game in true 1080p, (also can do 1440p and 1800p thanks to AMD VSR)
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