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Topic:   How to prevent overheating?

Hi, I've heard some people saying that some projectors, including the one I have, the BenQ W1070, will start shutting down after 2 months or a bit more, due to overheating. In my opinion the overheating must be related to dust buildup inside the projector, leading to reduced airflow, even though I'm not sure that's enough dust buildup in 2 months. Since most of the DLP projectors doesn't have any filter, what should be done to prevent this from happening? Maybe vacuuming the air vents would help? The BenQ W1070 have a sealed optical block? I've also heard about dust getting inside the light path or lens after some time of use, is this a common issue? BR, Danny
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Topic:   BenQ W1070 rainbow flicker artifact

Hi, A few days ago, a static rainbow colored "blotch" appeared in the upper left corner of the projected image. Today it turned into a flicker which I tried to capture on video here: I switched the image source and the artifact is visible on the slash screen as well so the cause must be with the projector. I tried cleaning the lens but this had no effect on the artifact. Can anybody tell me the possible cause? The lamp has been in operation for 550 hours so there should be plenty of life left in it. Thanks :)
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Topic:   Determine MAXimum screen size

Hello everyone, I've stumbled on an issue that seems to have very little(or contradictory) coverage - MAXimum screen size! Here is my setup to be: Projector - BenQ w1070 View distance - 2.70m(8.85 feet) Screen - Elite Screen M100XWH(16:9) - based on BenQ screen size calculator with zoom 1.00 and 2.80m(9.18 feet) distance from projector to screen. My question is: Will this screen be too big for the seating positions? According THX the ideal screen is 73 inch, but I could go "little" bigger. According Projectorcentral calculator I should get 40-45 inch screen?!? According to the most common rule I've found: view distance = 1.5*screen width, I should get 80 inch screen. These past few days I've been wondering on should I get the smaller Elite Screens M84UWH-E30 or even Elite Screens M80UWH(84-80 inch screens). What are your toughs/suggestions on this? Thanks, Colcho
Topic:   color flicker/distorted in BenQ w1070

hello! i have a BenQ W1070 projector with about 1300 lamp hours (about 18 month old) at first, it worked great. after about 600 hours the colors start to get a little distorted. similer to pictures, but back then it was barely noticeable! couple of days ago i used a compressed air can (like i use for my PC) to dust of the projector. ever since, everything starts fine but after about an hour of working time, the color get really distorted and starts to flicker. sometimes it even turns itself off and a red "lamp" indicator on the unit turns on. is there any hope left? what can be causing the problem? thanks in advance!
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Topic:   How can I watch a 3D movie file on my PC with my Benq w1070?

I have 3D blu rays, that's simple enough- put the 3D blu ray in my PC and start Power DVD 14, and boom- it'll be in 3D. What if I just have a 3D movie file? How can I watch it in 3D? Currently when I click on the 3D movie file, it shows a 2D image side by side, and it opens up in VLC Media player. Do I need to open it up in Power DVD 14, and then adjust some sort of settings? Do I make additional changes on my projector's settings? Not sure exactly how to do this.
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