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Hi there.Well.. i have this LGPB60G small dlp led projector. Few months after warr?nty ends projectors start showing yellow tint instead of white in all screen.Looks like the blue color didn't mix well to show white color.But not sure what kind of technology is used to mix colors, three separate led lamps or ...something else.Is it possible to be repaired if yes ,is it worth it.Thank you,
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Topic:   LG PB6?G

To any reviewer or owner of this series projector - please explain clearly - Has this series diagonal ("diamond") DMD or normal? Anybody can show close pixels photos? What about other LG LED series - 7x, 8x?
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Topic:   Black border around my image

Hello, I recently purchased my first projector just to use in my room to watch movies on, and have noticed a black border around my image as though the image isn't fully scaled, I've played with all settings and can't seem to find why it's doing this. Is this normal behaviour for keystone or on all projectors? Would this happen on a projector such as the acer K135 I'm playing through my PS3 via Hdmi Thanks
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