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Topic:   Projector Throw, PreWire, R232, 10 surrounds

Hello All, I am putting in a home theater in a 15' x 19' (10' high) room with a 130" screen. After initial research, I have some questions. 1. THROW DISTANCE: Right now I'm considering the Sony VPL-HW50ES projector, but there will probably be a new model by the time I install. On the projector central calculator, it states the projector can be installed between 13'3" and 20 feet. Is it better to install closer (say 14 feet) so the image is brighter? does 2 or 3 feet back (say 16 to 17 feet) dim the image? Does a 14' throw accomodate most screens in the 3,000 to 6,000 price range? Has anyone put a 140" screen in a room this size? 2 .PRE-WIRING the projector. I've been told an electrical outlet, an HDMI cable (or cat 5/6 with converter) and 3 CAT 5/6 cables would be sufficient for the future. Thoughts? 3. 10 SURROUNDS Since my room is relatively small, I am considering putting 4 smaller surrounds over the front row and six in the rear. The thought being that smaller and spread out surround speakers would not "blast the viewer sitting next to those speakers and make a more diffuse surround stage. This was recommended to me by a professional sound mixer. Thoughts? Has anyone tried this? 4. CONTROL4 I want to prewire for Control 4. I probably wouldn't integrate the Lutron Ra system as it is above my price range, but what pre-wire do I need? Do I need an R232 wire to the projector or can I convert a Cat 5/6 cable? Thanks, Tom
Topic:   Keystone correction

Hello friends in my setup V Keystone = -6 , will this be a problem for the quality? is it too much? my projector is sony hw50es and screen is 106 inch elite fixed frame Kind Regards
Topic:   Are these numbers for low or normal lamp mode?

Hello I am calculating about fL number and I wonder these numbers in that site is for low lamp mode or normal lamp mode? Thank you
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Topic:   Mounting projector to ceiling - help

I am planning to mount a Sony HW50ES to the ceiling based on the following parameters 1) Ceiling Height: 9 ft 2) Throw distance : 12 ft 3) Scrren size 100 inches 4) Distance from floor :32 inches I am trying to keep the projector as close as possible to the ceiling for aesthetics... What is the least amount that I need to drop the projector in order to get the picture on screen? Thanks so much for the help
Topic:   AV Receiver & Speakers

Building my 2nd home theater. First one was 10 years ago in a basement. We downsized and I miss it! So taking over a smallish bedroom. Looking for AC receiver and speaker recos. Leaning toward Onkyo since I have one in living room but open. Loved my old Pioneer but they don't seem to make the top ten list in my price range ($500-700). Also looking for speaker recos. Don't have room for big floor standing so looking at the compact. Like what I hear about Polk. Appreciate any and all suggestions. Jim