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Topic:   New to projectors and need input on JVC Projector DLA-RS4810

I'm setting up my theater room and I've been recommended the JVC DLA-RS4810. I can get refurbished one for $2,500 with a three year warranty. There are no windows in my room, the projector will be approx. 16' away shooting on a 120" white matted screen with a 1.0 screen gain and it will be used for movies and normal cable tv...3D is not a must. I find little info. on this model of JVC due to it being new and not too many people seem to have it. I have heard of other very good models like the Panasonic PT-AE8000 or several of the Epson's like the PowerLite Home Cinema 5020UBe and others. Please provide input and/or recommendations. My friend is really pushing the JVC and he is very knowledgeable but I'm looking for more input. I want to stay under $3,000 for the projector if possible.
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