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Topic:   Mural on the wall

Hello, Recently my boss came to me and wants to put a mural on the wall (national geographic pics) What better way then to project them so they change everyday. I'm completely new to projectors and need some help. The wall is 9' tall by 13' wide. We are thinking of only using about 6' tall by 11' wide. We need the projector to be as close to the wall as we can without it being a thousand dollar projector. I've found one using the calculator but want to know if this would be a good quality for good looking NATGEO pics. The Acer S1210 seems to project what i need with only a 8ft throw. Will this look good or can you recommend a very high quality projector that will take up that wall, ideas,advice. This projector will only be used for pictures if that helps. Or maybe he can do moving backgrounds. Thanks in advanced.
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