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Topic:   Epson 3020e alternatives/competitors?

I'm looking to purchase my first projector and also convert a portion of my finished basement into a home theater. I've done some research and keep coming back to the Epson 3020e. What other projectors should I consider? Here are some factors that I have used in research that has pointed me to the 3020e: - Budget for projector is $1K - $2K. - 3D is important to me. Source will be DVD and DirecTV. However, most content will be blu-ray and DirecTV(HD) - Not too much calibration needed. I want to set it up and enjoy it not constantly messing with settings each time. - Would like to occasionally bring outside and use for outdoor movie nights with the kids - Really like the idea of wireless hdmi - limited gaming with xbox 360 - watching sports (hockey, football, baseball) here and there - Not an everyday TV replacement... well maybe for me after the kids go to sleep ;) - Primarily used to watched movies at night with wife and/or family. Space considerations: - 106" screen size - ceiling mounted - throw would be ~ 12' - basement with a few small windows that will have black out curtains - light brown walls with white ceiling (height is 7' 8"). I'm getting ready to pull the trigger 3020e and make the hard sell to the wife. Just want to make sure I don't have buyers remorse after the purchase. Thanks in advance for any comments.
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Topic:   Epson 3020e - Diagonal Lines

Hello, I spent most of last night setting up my new Epson 3020e and our new 100 inch Elite Screen screen. I am using the wireless HDMI. Basically, all my devices plug into my audio receiver and my 1 hdmi out from the receiver goes to the projector wireless device. What I get is some diagonal lines on the screen that start from upper right descending to the left. I admit.. I am a newb trying to venture to the projector world but if this is typical then I am out of the projector business for a bit. I cant believe that this is normal though. Any words of advice? Thank you so much for your time. Attaching the image. Thanks again. Andrew
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Topic:   Suggestions for motorized drop down screen and projector

Hey there Sandi, I have a similar situation and I have been looking at the Epson 3020e (not sure if im going to go wireless HDMI or not, thats what the "e" is there for, otherwise its just a 3020) package from visualapex. Here is a link to the particular package with a 120" screen: Also, there is a good option on Amazon too depending on whether or not you need the sound to come through the screen, but it is 100": This is the same one but a different style of screen that does not let audio penetrate through: Let me know which one you are thinking of using! Also, which projector are you thinking of getting and how are you planning on doing the wiring?
Topic:   Question on Epson's WirelessHD limitations (line of sight, 32 feets / 10 meters)

Does anybody have answer to my question from the 1st post? Maybe new 3020e changed anything in this regards as "Epson has added an improved WirelessHD system to the 3020e"? [QUOTE=CJA7|Dec 5, 2011 1:47:18 PM] As a side note: if anyone needs to send a wireless signal to multiple displays around the house there looks like there are good wireless HDMI products out there that can do this and even go through walls. [/QUOTE] CJA7, what have you bought for the transmitter and what's your experience so far using it with the projector?
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