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Topic:   Epson 5020 Vs 5040

I currently own an Epson 5020. I LOVE this projector! I LOVE the 3D, brightness, contrast, etc. I'm still very happy with it but I am curious how much an improvement the Ultra HD would be. Has anyone switched from a 5020 to 5040? My first instinct tells me to wait for next years model or the year after.
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Topic:   Projector 20 feet away?

I am putting in a basement media room and due to configuration, the projector might have to be 20 feet away. I am considering the Epson 5020, and wondering if that would be ok or would the distance cause the image to lose crispness. Also - curious that type of screen do people think would be ideal. Basement, not much ambient light, but also do not plan to have it dark when watching. thanks for the replies.
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Topic:   5020 UB 1080p24SBS

I was wondering if anyone knew if the previous home cinema 3d projectors supported 1080p24 SBS 3d mode. Apparently the 5020ub does not support this mode which is unfortunate since alot of tv providers use this to broadcast their 3d content. Ive tried calling epson tech support but cant really get through to anyone with real tech knowledge so I also wanted to see if anyone knew if they push out firmware updates at all for their projectors Its just unfortunate since they didnt release a manual until a week after the product came out, so I didnt realize it until after ordering. Its also just not a case of it not being in the manual, the projectors edid does not report that it supports that mode either
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