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Topic:   Panasonic PT AT6000e query

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Hi all, Recently decided to get a projector and decided to opt for the Panasonic PT - AT6000e. So far absolutely loving it however I have noticed something that I thought some experts on here might be able to help with. I noticed that the blacks on the projector have an ever so slightly red tinge to it - I understand that the projector has a 'Red Lamp' which I understand is to help with colours overall and was wondering if any other owners had noticed this also and is actually common in this projector or this red tinge may actually be a fault? I don't notice a red tinge to any other colour when watching films - it just seems present in the blacks. I have only watched about 80 hours of footage so far and was also wondering if this red tinge may be indicative of the lamp settling in - it does seem to me the picture is getting better the more i watch although someone at work was trying to tell me the whole lamp break in period was nonsense. Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated!
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