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Topic:   Panasonic PT-AE8000U image height smaller on the right

Hello all, I'm a newbie here. Just got a PT-AE8000U and found that the image height on the right side is 0.5-0.75" smaller than the image height on the left. I tried everything to adjust it, but could not fix it. Am I getting a defective unit? or there is a way to fix it? Many thanks.
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Topic:   Panasonic pt-ae8000 now or wait for new models...?

Some good deals on the Panasonic pt-ae8000u now, $2500 plus 2 glasses, plus $200 cash rebate, plus 3 yr warranty... I know it's a great projector, should I bite the bullet now or wait a couple months as the new models are coming out? My criteria: 3d, HD, LCD (sensitive to rainbow effect), home cinema, If a new Panasonic comes out, it will likely be $3000 or more which is over my budget. Your thoughts?
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Topic:   Help choosing a Screen Size for my setup

Hi, I am new to projectors. I am considering the following: Panasonic AE8000U (ceiling mount) EluneVision 135" Reference Studio 4K Fixed Frame White 1.0 Gain Screen 16:9 ratio. My room is 15'6" X 15'6" When I use the Projection Calculator Pro on Projector Central with that projector and a 135" screen with a 13'3 throw I get an Image brightness of 22FL. Is that adequite brightness for viewing 2D and 3D? I would like to be able to view 2D in Eco mode on the projector and have enough brightness(22FL?) for good 3D brightness/viewing as well. If 22FL is not bright enough, how many FL should I be aiming for? Is the screen size too big for that room? Should I only do a 125" screen instead? Thanks in advance for your help. Knight.
Topic:   PT-AE8000U 2.35:1/1.78:1 question.

I am currently waiting for my new home to be completed. We opted for a home theater (about 15x18 feet). It is prewired for 7.1 and has wiring to a ceiling mount. I have never done anything like this before! I am nervous about the screen size(s). I am hoping to use lens memory to go from 16:9 to 2.35 to 1. The projector is going to be ceiling mounted about 12 feet from the front of the wall to a 144 inch Carada 2.35:1 with either CinemaWhite or Bright White (1.4). Is my math OK? Will the Panasonic be able to do this well? I have large Klipsch LaScalas limiting how vertical I can go. I have over 147 inches in width so I figured 2.35:1 with lens memory to take me to 16:9. Not sure what other measurements would be helpful. Thanks in advance....really love this site! I am interested in 3D...hence the 1.4 gain Carada in the mix.
Topic:   Bluetooth/RF Emitter for PT-AE8000?

My old reliable PT-AE1000 is giving up the ghost and it's time to upgrade; the PT-AE8000 has everything I want *except* my apartment has horrible IR interference (don't ask) and has made watching 3d on IR emitter projectors I've borrowed all but impossible. Is there an external bluetooth/RF emitter that would work with the 8000? My google skills have failed me on this. I do realize that since all of panasonic's line has swapped to bluetooth/RF that the PT-AE9000 will probably be compatable but I'm not sure I can limp my old projector along until September.
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