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Topic:   Best Pocket/Pico Projector around $300?

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Hello guys! Im looking for a projector for my boyfriend. He has been wanting one for a while, but is too cheap to spend money on himself so I figure I would surprise him with this toy. My budget is around $300, and I really want to get the best projector I can for my money. Im looking for a projector with great image quality, that can be used as a "theater" for a bedroom, and traveling (camping, etc), to use without apple devices. I have currently found the Brookstone HDMI Pocket Projector, but I don't know how great it will really be. I have also read about AAXA P4 X, and the Roku 3M? So far I was leaning with the AAXA P4 X but it seems to only have 75 minutes of battery life, while the brookstone pocket projector has 120 minutes. I would like to be able to see a full movie without worrying about charging. The AAXA P4 X has 95 lumens, while the Brookstone has 85. Not sure what a different this makes. I also found the Roku 3M (cheapest, almost 200 at amazon) but people say the image is not crisp, so I probably will not get this. Any suggestions on other products? I just want to find the coolest projector for my boyfriend! Thank you
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