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Topic:   New Project for large quantity of projectors

Hi We need somebody to discus with about buying a large quantity of Epson projectors such as 5000 L/4000 L/3000 L and also need information about how to prove to our client that is the correct and real lumen / and about the life time remain for the lamp //.. about us ..we are manufacturing a box which is contain a projector plus some things else, so need advices also about the good projectors we will need and about the quantity maybe will start with 580 pcs and going to more large .... until now we see that Espon power light 1960 is good so if more advices we are ready to negotiate. By the way why i post this here is that i try since long time to get in touch with epson factory and always says that go to local which is not any one can help in this issue please email me on this address thanks youssef
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