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Topic:   BRIGHTNESS MYSTERY (at least to me)

HERE'S THE THING. IN BILL LIVOLSI'S W7000 REVIEW HE WROTE: Our measurements indicate that 3D mode puts out 1100 lumens on our test sample, and BenQ's 3D glasses transmit 28% of the total light they receive. If you have a 1.0-gain screen, that works out to 11 fL on a 100" diagonal screen. For 3D, that's not bad at all. I'VE GOT A 120" SCREEN. DO THE MATH THAT THAT APPEARS TO KNOCK THE fL level down to 7.5. IS THAT ENOUGH FOR A VERY LOW AMBIENT LIGHT? IS IT EVEN ENOUGH FOR A REALLY DARK ROOM? 7.5 DOESN'T SEEM LIKE MUCH TO ME.
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Topic:   Is Epson 5020 OR Sony 50ES Overkill for my needs?

Guys - thanks for all the help with this. Spent all of Friday and part of Saturday AM getting everything together and the room looks pretty good. Went with the BenQ w7000 and the Elite Screens 120" screen. Took most of Friday to build a frame on the wall and hang blackout curtains(the screen is covering 2 windows), mount the screen and mount the projector. Took Saturday to hook up the audio and hide the cables. I couldn't figure out how to post multiple pics to show the process, so I just loaded the finished product. You guys were a tremendous help and I appreciate that. SLAPPADom
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Topic:   Newbie needing advice

Hi, I am currently in the process of finishing my basement, and I am considering installing a projector. I have never owned a projector before, so I don't know very much about them, but I have done a little bit of homework. First of all, I will be using the projector mostly for watching live TV or recorded content from a set top box, which I believe outputs in 1080i. I also game quite a bit, and rarely watch Blurays. I would like for it to have 1080p and 3D. I will be sitting 10-11 feet from the screen. Because of this, I thought 90 or so inches would be ideal. My ceiling will be a drop down, and will be around 7'5" give or take an inch or two. I do not require the best image money can buy. When I purchased my 50 inch plasma 3 years ago, I bought the cheapest one money can buy, and I'm very happy with the image quality, so I am looking to spend as little as possible to get what I want. Ideally, I would place the projector in the back of the room, on top of an ikea bookshelf. The back wall is 14.5 feet from the screen. Because of the way the wall is built, I may need to offset the projector one or 2 feet to the right. I originally looked at the Benq W1070 because its seems to offer the most bang for the buck. However, after playing with the calculator on the Benq site, it seems that it has a limited throw distance, and that I will have to place the projector about 8 feet from the screen in order to get a 92 inch image, which will be in front of my sitting position. Also, with a 7'5" ceiling seems a little low to have a projector protruding a foot or more. I am now looking the the Benq W7000, which seems to have the ability to project from the back of my room and give me a 92 inch image size, and allowing some horizontal shift. Is this correct? The calculator tells me that the projector needs to be 2'10" from the ceiling at this distance, but if I place it higher, I can use lens shift to shift the image back down right? Am I looking at things wrong? This one is going for 2100$ ( Canadian ) locally. Can anyone recommend other projectors that I may have overlooked that my do the job, for cheaper? Also, are we allowed to discuss specific retailers and prices here? Also, I am willing to take pictures or video if people want to see the space to help me figure out optimal placement. Any other input would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Topic:   Which of the BenQ Projector is good for full 3D

i want to start showing 3D movies in my school in an auditorium of about 100 student, pls advise me on which projector will serve that purpose
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Topic:   BenQ w7000

is 3D Glasses needed for W7000
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